Marvel Legends (Colossus Wave): Magneto by Hasbro

Oh boy, am I backlogged on my Marvel Legends reviews! I mean, I was already behind, and then I had three new waves arrive and I just keep getting in deeper and deeper! Today, I’m going to start in on the second Age of Apocalypse themed wave and I was going to double up, but I was so pressed for time that I wound up going solo with Magneto. I am going to try to check in again this weekend with Sabretooth and then double up the rest of the reviews for this assortment, so we’ll see how that goes!

It goes without saying, that I was a huge fan of the first Age of Apocalypse wave, and I was surprised to see Hasbro serve up a second so quickly. The first assortment had some heavy hitters and the amazing Sugar Man Build-A-Figure, so it’s going to be a tough act to follow. But, this second assortment is also bringing some major players and the Colossus BAF looks like he’s no slouch!

Magneto arrives sharing most of the body used for the Earth 616 Magneto packed in with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and that’s to be expected. The red plastic is the same, and even the belt is lifted for this figure, albeit looking more purple than blue. You get some minor paint changes to the boots and gauntlets, his undies are now left red, and the addition of some shoulder pads, but that’s about it from the neck down. The cape is now red, and notably smaller. It still has the bolted neck ring, but that’s been reworked a bit, and this cape doesn’t hover over the shoulders like it did on the previous figure. All in all, this Magneto brings just enough new sculpting to the table to make him stand out.

The head sculpt is completely new, with Erik sporting his manly dystopian pigtails. The portrait packs a lot of personality, with Magneto’s struggle to lead The X-Men clearly taking its toll on him. The plastic coif is pretty magnificent too, and his braids are soft and bendy enough so as not to impede articulation too badly.

You also get a helmeted portrait, which sadly I am not nearly as impressed with. I like the styling well enough, but the paint application could have been a lot more precise. There’s some notable slop around the purple accents, and while on the subject of paint slop, the neck ring is pretty messy too. I also think the helmeted head looks too small, compared to the un-helmeted one. Not only does it look like his head might have shrunk a bit, but it seems unlikely he could get al that hair in there. There’s nothing terrible here, but enough issues to be disappointing.

Since we’ve seen this body many times, there are no real surprises when it comes to articulation, so I won’t run through it all. He does come with two sets of hands: One set of fists and one set of power-wielding hands!

And speaking of powers, you get two effect parts to wrap around his wrists or project from his hands. These are cast in the standard soft plastic with a translucent purple color.

Despite some issues, I really do like this figure, especially since I was sorry to see him omitted from the first wave. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, as Hasbro didn’t have to do a whole lot to convert their regular Magneto to the AoA version, so it’s fair to say he’s one of the budget saving figures in this assortment. But that having been said, he’s a great representation of the character’s look in the comic and a fine addition to my growing Age of Apocalypse shelf!

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