Mythic Legions: Sir Girard by The Four Horsemen

Because I went rogue and skipped Mythic Legions the last two Mondays, I figured we’d do Mythoss Monday on a Wednesday this week! And yes, I am trying to get back to three reviews a week and I think I have a good shot at it this week! So, let’s jump right in and have a look at Sir Girard, Commander of The Dark Templars! Ooooh, I like him already!

Sir Girard was originally released as a LegionsCon Exclusive last year, but he got a standard release through Store Horsemen and arrived at my doorstep a few days ago. As I understand it, the Exclusive was supposed to contain some extra stuff, but in the end the regular release got everything too! I’m not sure which wave assortment Girard fits into, as I just nabbed him when he went up on an In Stock Sale. Sir Girard is billed as a Changeling, which explains why he has his second head. And while I’m all for a lot of these bios, here’s one aspect of one that I might ignore, but more on that later.

As a Dark Templar, it stand to reason that Girard would reuse a lot of the Templar body, and that ain’t a bad thing, because I happen to love that figure. And when you fit that body with the Raygorr head, complete with the batwings coming off the sides, well we got some magic going on here! The tabard has been repainted with a sumptuous matte black and crimson cross, while the armor has a deep gunmetal gray finish. You also get some silver paint to the rivets and fixtures. Girard does come with a pair of shoulders, but I’ll save those for later in the review when I switch out the heads.

The Raygorr helmet looks amazing in the black and red deco. Sure, we’ve seen this head plenty of times before Raygorr was released, but that’s the one I attribute most with these wings. I didn’t think they would be able to come up with a paint scheme that could come close to Raygorr’s but I think this one does it.

Girard comes with the ubiquitous sword belt, but this time in black. He also comes with a pair of matching falchions. I think I’ve seen these before but the previous appearance is eluding me at the moment. They have beautifully swept silver blades with swells in the belly, and gray hilts to match the armor. Girard also comes with the same shield we saw with the Templars and Raygorr, this time painted to match the tabard, and with border painted to match Girard’s armor. The whole ensemble looks amazing! Now let’s check out his alter ego!

Here’s Girard with a repaint of the Skapular head, and if you remember how I completely gushed over Skapular, then you know I practically lost it when I saw his boney noggin get re-released here. It’s simply one of my favorite portraits in this whole line, as it really invokes some of that classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons line art from my childhood. I have also added in the shoulders here, just to distinguish the two looks, but I think they work fine with either head.

So, according to the bio, Sir Girard is looking to overthrow Skapular the Cryptbreaker, and he uses his changeling powers to resemble either him or one of his skeletal legions. I think that’s a cool concept, but what I like even more is the idea that Girard is a skeleton himself, and displaying him with the Raygorr helmet, but with two additional Girard’s with the skeletal heads as his personal guard. Of course, it’s all moot, because I didn’t have the cash to get three and he probably costs all the monies now on the second-hand market. As a result, I honestly have no idea which head I’m going to display him with. There are no right or wrong answers.

And here’s some shots of Girard dual wielding those falchions.

Mythic Legions continues to be a line that never fails to impress. It’s amazing to me that even this far into the line, and with so many releases, The Four Horsemen can still come up with such fantastic new releases using nothing but new paint and mix-and-match parts. Sir Girard is indeed an imposing presence and the addition of the Skapular head just makes him all the more cool in my book. I’m absolutely thrilled that he got a wide release, because I was dangerously close to paying crazy money for the Exclusive.

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