Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Barbarian Warrior by The Four Horsemen

It’s another Mythos Monday, and I’m really closing in on the final figures I have to review from The Four Horsemen’s glorious Mythic Legions line! Today I’m going back to that deep, deep well that is Advent of Decay with a look at the Barbarian Warrior!

While not on the package, Barbarian Warrior is actually a Legion Builder, and as such, she doesn’t have a name or bio on the package, but I’ll just call her Barb-Ra! These figures feature less paint applications, and are intended as a means to army build your forces. That is, unless you’re like me and spent all your monies just trying to get as many of the figures in this assortment as possible, and only have enough left to buy one! Let’s open her up and check her out!

With three heads, and three different weapons, this figure has a number of variations, which is great if you did happen to buy a few. Just to mix things up a bit, I’ve set her up with three different looks, and we’ll take each one in turn. First, I have her as a Barbarian Sword-slinger, and with the addition of the breast armor from last week’s review, we’ve now officially seen all the pieces used on this figure somewhere before. Barb-Ra shows off a lot of skin, utilizing the female bare arms and legs, bare midriff, and just the aforementioned breast armor covering her top. The armor is mostly of the female Orc variety, giving it that crude and angular look. I dig the upturned toes on her boots, plus the hip and shoulder armor works very well here. All of the armor pieces have a blackened iron finish, with no additional paint for the rivets or straps. I think everything about this figure just gels wonderfully!

The head features a very Orcish-style helmet that leaves the bottom of the face exposed. The facial features are a little soft on this sculpt, but not bad at all. The horns curve outward, and can be interchanged with the other set of horns included in the set. There was also a pair of wings, similar to what we saw on Freyja last time, but for the life of me I can’t find where they went. When I’m finally done reviewing these figures, I’m going to start a major accessory organization project! Anyway, the helmet sculpt is great, with plenty of nicks and scrapes to show battle wear. My only complaint is the lack of detail in the eye slits. They’re just left blank. There’s a hole in the top of the helmet, which can be used for a spike or a ponytail, but I’ve opted to leave it vacant. We’ll see that ponytail in a bit.

I’ve got this version of Barb-Ra armed with the standard Mythic Legions 1.0 two-handed sword, this time painted up all in silver. I still love this piece, and if you’re going to go with just one color, I think silver is the way to go! She can get away with wearing the sword belted to her waist, but I prefer it on the back, because it is pretty long. And because these shoulders aren’t too bulky, both can be worn with the sword angled off to one side or the other, for easy reach-around access.

Hammer Girl is up next, sporting a new head, and the tried-and-true Mythic Legions 1.0 Hammer of Smashing! I probably have at least two-dozen of these giant war hammers by now, and I ain’t complaining because it’s awesome. This one is painted in a very dark copper color, which brings out the beautiful detail in the sculpt.

The head here is a fully enclosed helmet with ram horns, and boy do I love this one. It has a very strong Skyrim vibe going for it, and I think it looks absolutely fantastic on this particular figure. The paint matches the rest of the armor, and there’s some beautiful sculpted detail in the strip running down the center of it.

And finally we have Ax Maiden, and finally a weapon that’s not carried over from the first Kickstarter assortment, but rather the bearded ax that was introduced in Advent of Decay. This was another great choice for the Barbarian Warrior, and I think it goes particularly well with this third head.

And, yeah… that’s a pretty distinctive head! It’s recycled from The female Orcs, but painted in a caucasian flesh tone to create what TFH call a Half-Orc. The Orc features can be clearly seen in the pointed ears and the large tusks reaching up from her bottom jaw. The helmet is very similar to the first one, but with side slits for the ears, and the cheek protectors extended. I’ve also incorporated the ponytail into this one. On the downside, the lack of any detail in the eye slits is really jarring on this head.

And that’s the Barbarian Warrior! In a perfect world, TFH would at the very least get their Legion Builders up for sale on Store Horsemen as permanent offerings, and if they did, I would budget out a couple each month, because I’d love to be able to display a squad of all three of these ladies to back up the House of the Noble Bear! I especially think these ladies make nice counters to the Skeleton Soldiers released in the same assortment.

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