Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Freyja of Deadhall by The Four Horsemen

Holy cats! It’s Monday again, time to travel to the mystical land of Mythos and open up another Mythic Legions figure! As promised last time (and the time before that!), there are no Goblins today, but we do have a legendary lady warrior to check out, as I present to you Freyja of Deadhall!

I love Freyja’s bio, which recounts her uncanny ability to somehow resurrect herself and return to fight over the centuries when her skills are needed. She is aligned with Attlus The Conqueror, which has got to be a combined force to be reckoned with! And finally, she is rumored to have the ability to instill her own fighting skills into any army she commands! When all is said and done, Freyja sounds like a lady you do not want to go up against on the battlefield!

Freyja brings a decidedly Norse flavor to the Mythic Legions lineup, as she is clearly patterned after the Valkyries of old. With how many Mythic Legions figures I’ve looked at here (and how few are left) it should come to no surprise that we’ve seen almost all these components before. But, as always, TFH are wizards at grabbing a piece here and a part there and giving birth to a striking new character, like Freyja. Some Elf parts jump out at me as the boots, gauntlets, and mid-riff area, and we’ve seen the bare arms and legs appear on figures like Juno the Crusher and Queen Urkzaa. I was almost convinced the chest armor came from those figures too, but these concentric circled breast guards are a first appearance for me. The belt comes from the original knightly armor, complete with plastic sash hanging down the front, and plated armor on the hips. I like the colors here, as you get a nice mix of leather-like browns with copper and silver. As always, I’m impressed by the little paint flourishes, like the individual rivets and strap fixtures. Just beautiful!

The shoulder armor secures a red cloth cape, and we also get a very cool fur mantle for her to wear around her shoulders. As with a lot of the fur garments in this line, there’s no tried and true way to secure it to the figure. In this case, it seems best to just tuck it in under the shoulders and the back of Freyja’s hair, and it seems to stay put fairly well. Threading a string across her neck, may be a good way to go if I ever get ambitious and crafty. The fur piece is a bit unruly, as you can see in a few of the pictures, and it could probably use a little trim.

I think this portrait is one of their better ones! The shape of her face is well defined, but not too severe, and I like the little jutting chin and her narrow nose. The paint is absolutely impeccable, with razor sharp applications to her lips, eyebrows, and beautiful blue eyes, and there’s even a little color in her cheeks. The expression is rather blank, but I still love it. Her form-fitting helmet is permanently attached, with some nice raised scrollwork on the visor, which sadly cannot be lowered. The headpiece is capped off by a pair of feathered wings, completing the Valkyrie look! I especially love the way they sculpted her hair, with three branded braids separated from the rest of her cascading coif! Let’s check out her accessories!

It’s the classic one-handed sword again, and yup, I still love it. And nope, there’s not much more to say about it. She also comes with a circular wooden-style shield, which we’ve seen a few times before, but not nearly enough! This is a fantastic looking piece, and the design fits Freyja’s Valkyrie look perfectly. The sculpted woodgrain surface is painted brown, with gray paint for the reinforced bands and edging, and finally some very pale copper for the central boss, and the rivets. There’s some beautiful weathering in the sculpt, which includes some nicks and scrapes to show this shield has deflected a few blows in its day. You get the same level of detail on the obverse side, and a grip bar.

And lastly, Freyja comes with the old spear, which was introduced in the original Kickstarter. Like the sword, there’s not much more I can say about this weapon, except we got a two-tone paint job with gold on the shaft and silver on the spear.

Freyja of Deadhall is very cool and distinctive addition to the Mythic Legions lineup, and she looks great standing on the shelf next to her ally, Attlus. The combination of parts and fresh paint are wonderful, and I really dig the added fur mantle to give her that extra Norse oompf. If I had one little nitpick, I would have given her one of the short hand axes in addition to the sword and spear, but maybe that wouldn’t have costed out in the budget. Besides, I can always lend her one from another figure.

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