TRON Light Cycle (1st Generation) by Eaglemoss

I’m really pressed for time this week, so I was looking for something quick and easy to review, and Eaglemoss’ Light Cycle jumped right out at me. Indeed, back when I got this model I only opened it to inspect it for defects before popping it back in the box to later find a display space for it. As a result, I feel as if I’m really getting to see this for the first time as I’m spotlighting it here. It’s a bittersweet review, as Eaglemoss recently filed for bankruptcy and while reorganization is always possible, I have my doubts that they’ll rebound from it, and as a result, I believe this Light Cycle may be among the last batch of models they released before closing shop.

As always, these bigger models come in fully enclosed boxes made of pretty robust cardboard with the model encased in Styrofoam inside. The tape on the flap was pretty miffed when I got it, making me think someone else has been inside to take a peak, but everything looks new to me, so I’m not too bothered by it. I really love the design of the box, although it’s kind of sad that they noted this as a 1st Generation Light Cycle, as it makes me think they had plans to do the ones from TRON: Legacy as well. The model comes completely assembled, all you have to do is attach the post to the display base and you’re all set for the Game Grid! Sadly, there is no accompanying magazine.

So, make no mistake, this is an extremely simple model. It has no moving parts and no articulation at all. And heck, the designs from the first TRON film are so simple, that this piece doesn’t even showcase any intricate sculpting or detail. And yet I’m really a bit in awe of how beautiful this piece came out. The smooth surfaces and sleek curves mimic the computer generated on-screen vehicle absolutely perfectly. And boy is this still a dead sexy design! As much as I can appreciate the Legacy Light Cycle redesign, this original concept is just so iconic to me. The deco is a simple triple-play of sumptuous blue with black and gray. Everything has an even matte finish, and the paint is very near flawless on my model. It’s interesting to me that Eaglemoss went for the evil blue Light Cycle as their first offering, although I’m sure they were ready to cash in on the yellow, orange, and white repaints as follow ups. Still, it’s hard to argue with that beautiful blue when I look at it.

Eaglemoss models are usually a mix of plastic and diecast, and I’m assuming that’s still the case here, but the diecast isn’t really apparent to me. The model certainly has a quality feel to it, but it doesn’t have a really significant heft. That’s not so much a gripe as it just an observation. In terms of scale, this feels a little too big to go with the old Tomy figures, and a bit too small to go with Diamond’s recent TRON figures, but I’ll include a comparison shot with the later at the end.

The stand is the usual diecast base with a transparent post, which we see with all Eaglemoss models. In this case, the support is a platform with four posts to secure the vehicle and it works really well. And yes, the stand is required as the Light Cycle will not stay upright on its own.

In the end, I am blown away by the quality of this model. It looks absolutely amazing and as much as I love it, it also makes me a little sad, because I know the chances of getting the other colors are pretty much nil. If only they had this out last year, we might have at least seen one more, but I guess I should be happy we got this one. I believe the original retail price was $59.99, but I got mine when Eaglemoss was blowing stuff out of the Amazon store at half-off. I was actually surprised it applied to this one, because it was such a new release. Either way, it’s gorgeous, and I’m glad Eaglemoss got it out before they crumbled.

2 comments on “TRON Light Cycle (1st Generation) by Eaglemoss

  1. This was a solid review – thanks!! I would love to see a comparison pic if you’re able to snap some of this blue one next to the original TOMY pieces. You say it’s too big, but is it fudgeable on a shelf? Thanks in advance.

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