Lego Minifigs Series Crapshoot… DISNEY EDITION!!! #1

It’s been a long time since I featured any LEGO here on FFZ. I did a Minifig Crapshoot back in March, but you’d have to go back to last year for the last LEGO set I built. It’s nothing personal, LEGO, I love you. But you’re expensive and I mostly used to buy you when I went hunting other toys at the store and came up empty handed. I don’t go toy hunting much anymore, and that’s why I haven’t picked up much LEGO lately. I’ll have to remedy that next year.


Ah, but it’s Christmastime. A time when devious retailers put out boxes of blind bagged Minifigs near the registers and I can’t help myself. I spotted these the other day when I was buying cat food for my son (it’s OK, he’s a cat), and tossed four of them into the basket. And yes… they’re the first series of Disney Minifigs! I didn’t try to feel these out in the package, I suck at that and it ruins the fun. I did, however, live tweet this out yesterday, so if you follow me on The Twitters, the suspense has already been ruined. And the first figure is…


Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I’ll confess, I had no idea who she was until I saw the bottle with “Drink Me” on it. She’s cool and I’m happy I got her. The skirt is a new piece to me. I’ve never had a Minifig with it before. Now I really want a Cheshire Cat, but I’ll concede that the odds were against me. I felt as if I’d be more likely to get another Alice than a Cheshire Cat. Nonetheless, I pressed on. And the second figure is…


Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I was pretty happy with this one, not only because it’s such a unique little figure, but now I have the power to turn any one of my Minifigs into a mermaid. Mermaid Captain America. Mermaid Lone Ranger. Everyone gets to be a Mermaid! Besides being a cool little figure, she comes with a clam that can be displayed closed or open with a pearl in it. Nice! Moving on…


YES! I scored big with the Cheshire Cat in bag #3. This one is a very simple build: Head, torso, legs, tailpiece, but it’s all about the sculpt and paint on that head. Fabulous! One more figure… what was it going to be???


ARGGGHHHH! Another Cheshire Cat! I rarely ever look at four random Minifigs without getting a set of doubles in the mix. Now I have to start troop building Cheshire Cats.


All in all, I thought this was an OK assortment, doubles not withstanding. Part of me kind of wishes I had picked up four of the regular blind bagged Minifgs, because I think they would have had more appeal. I enjoy a number of Disney properties, but straight up “classic” Disney films aren’t really my wheelhouse. Then again, the only reason I bought these was because they were there right by the check out. It was an impulse buy, so I can’t really second guess myself.

Lego Minifigs Series 15 Crapshoot #1

It’s been forever since I last looked at some blind bag LEGO Minifigs. I don’t know why I keep forgetting about these when I should be throwing at least one or two in the cart every time I go for groceries. I actually Tweeted these first, because quite frankly I think that makes for better suspense. So, let’s just take a look at what I got.


I went in here¬†double blind, because I actually had no idea what was in this assortment. I mean, apart from what’s printed on the bags. I didn’t look at them. I didn’t eve know what Series they were. I just know that yesterday was the end of a particularly shit work week and I needed some Minifigs in my life today to cheer me up.


So, the first one I got was the Shark Suit Guy and I was thrilled. The novelty animal suit figures have been my favorites. I was fortunate enough to get a pair of Chicken Suit Guys back when I did the Series 9 Crapshoot. I really need to find what I did with my others. I fear they’re mixed into one of the thirty or so bins containing my broken down LEGO sets. Anyway, this guy is pure love, and he has a worried/scared face printed on the other side of his head.



Next up was the Wrestling Champion and yeah, I actually got two of these. I’ll confess that I haven’t been a Wrestling fan since the 80’s, and even then it was just something goofy to watch when the cartoons ended. That having been said, I like this guy. There’s some particularly nice printing for the belt and muscles and I love the mullet hair piece and the colorful eye make up. I’d say I’m disappointed at getting two, but then I realized they could be a twin tag team, so it’s all good.


Finally, the Astronaut. I was pleased to get this guy because other than the sci-fi space sets, I don’t have any realistic LEGO Astronauts, so he fills in a nice gap. He’s also a wonderful little figure, featuring some of the best printed detail I’ve seen on a Minifig in a while. He has two faces and the gold visor is really cool. I wouldn’t mind getting another of these as I continue to pick up more bags.


So, all in all, not bad. ¬†Now that I’ve had a look at the checklist, I think this is a damn strong series. I’m really jonesing for the Laser Mech or the Frightening Knight, so I know I’ll be grabbing more Series 15 bags over the next couple of weeks. Before then I’m going to try to hunt through some totes and see if I can’t find what I did with all my other blind bagged Minifigs.