Marvel Legends (Banner Hulk Wave): Rock Python by Hasbro

It’s another Marvel Monday and I’ve got only two figures left to open in the Banner Hulk Wave before I can put this assortment to bed. This one has been something of an eclectic mix of characters from both the MCU and the pages of the funnybooks. And while there have been some strong figures in this wave, it’s had a few lows as well. And so, the good news is that today I’m expanding my Serpent Society team by one more member with Rock Python! The bad news, is this one of those lows I was talking about.

Here he is in the package, and I feel like I need to toss out there how much I love building teams in Marvel Legends and how much I appreciate Hasbro working their way through The Serpent Society. It’s a rich collection of costumed characters that should make for great action figure fodder. But with that being said, Rock Python’s suit isn’t one of my favorite designs in the comics, and I don’t think it translated all that well into an action figure. Also, I gave that Hulk arm to my nephew so I won’t be reviewing the Endgame Hulk BAF.

Straightaway, it’s obvious that Rock Python is another one of those budget-saving figures. Here you get a newly sculpted belt and head, and that’s it. The rest of the costume is accomplished through paint applications, and that’s fine. This is one of those characters that doesn’t require a whole lot of fresh sculpt to make him work. And I’m a lot more forgiving of Hasbro going the cheaper route with a guy like this than I am with Loki. And before getting too deep into my gripes with this figure, I’ll point out that I really like the coloring here. The pale blue and dark purple look great together. The paint lines around the tops of the boots and gloves are pretty sharp, and the segmented silver belt is decent enough. Alas, that’s kind of where my generosity ends.

The painted snake emblem on my figure’s chest is really rough with the paint chipping off and the darker blue showing though underneath. I’m not usually this critical of little paint blemishes, but since this makes up the bulk of the costume, it’s kind of a big deal. It comes across as looking dirty, or like this figure has been rattling around in a bin for a few years. Also, what were they thinking with that snake emblem? It looks like some kind of cutesy snake emoji, not an emblem to strike fear in the hearts of your Ophidiophobic enemies. I was tempted to flip back through some floppies to see if they really recreated it accurately, but then I honestly couldn’t think of the last book I read where Rock Python made an appearance. [Edit: Ok, I found some panels with him and yeah, Hasbro pretty much got it right. WHY SO CUTE???]

Moving on to the portrait, it’s just bad, or at least the helmet is. The lower half of the face is a pretty decent sculpt. There are some nice details in the facial lines, and I like M’Gula’s snarling expression, but I just can’t get behind that helmet. The eyes aren’t convincing and the whole thing just reminds me of a penis. A blue penis. With little painted eyes. Also, what’s with all the mold flashing on my figure? It’s hanging off the jawline and on the bottom surface of the helmet. This has been turning up on a number of my Legends figures lately, but it’s especially problematic here.

I’m going to pass on running through the articulation details, because I just can’t get motivated enough to do it where this figure is concerned. Also, there just isn’t anything we haven’t seen before in Marvel Legends. Instead, I’ll take the time to point out how tight and gummy the joints are on my figure. The swivels feel like they’re going to twist off and the hinges take a scary amount of effort to move. Conversely, the ab-crunch hinge is all loosey-goosey. I can flip his torso back and forth by grabbing him at the legs and shaking him back and forth.

I promise, I did not get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. Nor did I burn my toast or get stuck in traffic on my way to work. Indeed, I didn’t sit down to write this review in any kind of a bad mood. Nope, this figure just left me cold. It’s not all Hasbro’s fault. Sure the paint is rough and the joints are janky, sure there’s ugly mold flashing, but ultimately, I just don’t dig this costume. The colors are nice, I’ll give you that, but when you look at some of the cool, deliciously goofy, or just bat-shit crazy costumes on display in The Serpent Society, this one just comes off as dopey. And not at all in the good way. But don’t get me wrong, Hasbro. I bought this figure so you would keep making Serpent Society figures. There’s a ton of great material waiting to be exploited and I want them all. But most of all, I really want you to start producing some of them snake ladies. Next week, I’ll wrap up this wave with a look at Union Jack!

Marvel Legends (Thanos Wave): Serpent Society by Hasbro

As promised, I’m back on this fine Marvel Monday afternoon to kill off another wave of Marvel Legends this week, this time it’s the sort of Infinity War-themed wave that gave us four figures from the flick and three unrelated characters from the comics. Obviously, King Cobra fits into the later!

I’m sure it has something to do with copyright issues, but for whatever reason the box just says Serpent Society. I’m sure King Cobra was taken by some other company for some other product and, for whatever reason, Hasbro thought tossing Klaus Voorhees on an action figure box wasn’t going to cut it. Maybe Serpent Society Leader would have been better? Maybe it wouldn’t fit in the space on the package? It doesn’t matter either way, I’m throwing out the box.

And hey, some of this guy sure looks familiar! The bulk of this buck was seen here last week when I looked at Black Knight, and it was used for Green Goblin before that, and Hobgoblin before that! Nonetheless, the sculpted scale pattern on the arms and legs certainly works well for King Cobra and I’m a big fan of the way it looks in general. The boots and hands are changed out, the former are pretty non-descript and the later are pointy-fingered clutching hands. He also has a couple of flat gray belt, which likes to ride up and down his waist, and similarly painted wrist bracers, all of which look a little out of place when mixed with the purple and green deco of the rest of the figure. And on that subject I can’t say enough good things. The coloring on this figure is absolutely gorgeous, with deep purple and bright emerald-green metallic paints.

The cape is totally rad, as it’s meant to look like the hood of a Cobra from the front, widening at the shoulders and narrowing down toward the ground. I really dig it. It pegs into the hole on his back and hovers a bit over his shoulders. It’s just the kind of accessory that would have made Cobra Commander or Serpentor proud!

The head sculpt is decent, but not extraordinary. I like his toothy maniacal grimace, but it’s a little soft and lacks some of the flair that so many of Hasbro’s better villain portraits exude. The mask is painted to match the scale armor and while it looks good, the lines between the mask and his skin aren’t as sharp as they could have been. Thankfully, the black lines around his narrow yellow eyes are applied with more precision. The hood is a separate piece so as not to impede the neck articulation and it’s painted in a darker green. My figure has an unfortunate blemish on the right top side of the hood.

After seeing this body three times already, I’ll refer you to one of those reviews (linked above) to get the down-low on the articulation. The hinges in the elbows and knees are still rather gummy, and the ratchets in the shoulders are oddly strong for a figure with such a slight build. Nonetheless, he’s still fun to play around with.

I can’t say as I’ve ever been all that excited by The Serpent Society in the comics, but these colorful characters in their outlandish costumes really translate well to action figures, and so I’m always going to be glad when we get a new one. And while I’ll freely admit that the recycled buck works perfectly for Klaus, I think it might be a good idea to put this one away for a little while, Hasbro. Three times in one year is getting a little excessive and you wouldn’t want it to outstay its’ welcome.¬†And I’m not done for the day, so don’t pass out on me yet… I’ll be back one more time tonight to do a quick review (sort of) of the Thanos Build-A-Figure!