WildC.A.T.S.: Spartan and Maul by Playmates

Time to round out the figures from the WildCATS team with the sometimes gentle giant, Maul and the team’s cybernetic commander, Spartan. Let’s start with Spartan.

I call Spartan the leader of the team, but I suppose that’s debatable since Jacob Marlowe funded them and pulled all the strings. But he spent most of his time chilling in his crib with his sexy computer-woman, Void, while Spartan led the team in the field, so to speak. It’s also worth noting that Spartan’s real body got wrecked so he had to have his brain downloaded into his current cybernetic one, although most of the time you couldn’t tell that he wasn’t flesh and blood.

Ok, so let’s get the obvious out of the way. My Spartan figure suffers from the crotch rot. All the white paint has peeled off his gonadular region. Ha Ha. Get all your cuties off, so we can move on. The problem here is that Playmates painted the dark blue figure over with white so not only does it peel, but it looks real hokey on the legs as well, like someone did a bad custom job with a bottle of Whiteout. Apart from the poor lasting power of the paint, I really like this figure. He’s extremely faithful to his animated counterpart, the head sculpt is excellent, and he’s one of the least pre-posed of all the figures in the line.

Spartan has seven points of articulation, including a rotating head, arms and legs that rotate at the shoulders and hips, and his wrists will swivel at the point where they pull off.

Spartan came with two swappable hands. His right one showed damage and revealed his metal skeletal framework. The left one has dayglow energy shooting out of it. I didn’t seem to get the left one with my loose figure, so he’s perpetually attacking with the lightning. He also came with a figure stand, and possibly other stuff like a Halo Industries walkie-talkie. Maybe a weapon? I don’t know. I’ve never seen him use one in the toon.

Next up is Maul. He’s sort of The Incredible Hulk of the line, right down to his green and purple color scheme. The main difference is that Maul is pretty soft spoken and not usually inclined to the high collateral damage. Like many of his teammates, Maul is a crossbreed and he’s sort of a surrogate big brother figure to VooDoo. His main power, apart from being big and strong, is his ability to make himself even bigger. I won’t fault Playmates for not translating that play feature to his figure form.

On the contrary, Maul’s figure is a slam dunk. The sculpt is excellent, the paint apps are nice and clean, and once again we have a figure that is the spitting image of his animated self. I suppose the only thing I can say about him is he could have been slightly bigger, but he still looks fine standing next to his other teammates.

Maul comes with detachable armor for his fists, a silver crowbar, the token Halo Industries walkie-talkie, and a figure stand.

Oddly enough, Playmates gave Maul here the best articulation out of the whole line. True, his head cannot turn because of the way he’s designed, but in addition to the standard arms and legs rotating at the shoulders and hips, Maul has hinged knees, a swivel cut in the waist, and swivel cuts in both thighs. I can’t imagine why this was the one figure that got all this treatment, but it does make me a little bitter that Playmates couldn’t bestow the same articulation on the rest of the line.

And so that’s it for the good guys of my Playmates WildCATS collection. All in all the heroes were well represented, with the exception of Jacob Marlowe. I’m guessing Playmates didn’t think that kids were jonesing for the middle aged wealthy midget, but I would have been happy to get him. Here’s a guy who gets rid of enemy guards by dropping a suitcase with a million bucks cash in it and tells them to take it and get lost. Gotta love it. Playmates also produced repainted variants of Warblade, Zealot, and Spartan, but I opted out of hunting those figures down. Playmates also produced some larger scale versions of some of these heroes, but I’ll save that until I’ve been through all the main line. The WildCATS also had a vehicle, the Bullet Bike, but I’ve yet to add that one to my collection.

Next time… The Troika!


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