Lego Kingdoms: Knight’s Showdown (#7950)

Well, I promised some time ago that I was going to make a New Year’s Resolution to buy more Lego sets in 2011 and I set out this morning to do just that. [No small feat, considering my hangover. -FF] Unfortunately, the stores in my area are still recovering their Lego aisles from the holidays, so pickings were pretty slim. They still had a lot of Star Wars, but I’m trying to avoid picking up any Star Wars Lego, or any of the licensed Lego sets for that matter. I wound up having to settle for one of the small sets. Knight’s Showdown contains only 61 pieces, and about 15 or so of those pieces comprise the two mini-figs and their accessories. There’s not a lot to this set, but let’s take a look and see what we get.

The little box shows off exactly what comes inside. You get two mini-figs, a small catapult, and a little flagpost/sword rack thingie. I’m not exactly sure what that thing’s supposed to be. Everything comes packed into two bags, but unlike most of the bigger sets that I’ve built, the pieces for the different completed items are mixed throughout the two bags, so you just have to dump the contents all together in order to start building. The instructions are easy to follow and it really takes no time at all to bang this little set together.

I love the minifigs. You get a good knight and a bad knight and both are very distinctive looking. You also get a pole axe and two swords, one black and one grey, and some extra plumes for their helmets. Honestly, I think the minifigs are worth the purchase of this set on their own, especially if you have any of the bigger Kingdoms sets and need to bulk up your ranks.

The catapult is like a miniature, simplified version of the one that came with the Outpost Attack set. It rolls along on it’s wheels and comes with a shield to peg into the side of it. Hitting the front of the arm with your finger causes it to launch the projectiles that come with it, albeit with varying degrees of effect. I really like the catapult and it seems like it would be a nice compliment piece to any of the bigger Kingdoms sets.

And then there’s the other little item. I kind of get what they were going for here. It’s a little post to hold the flag and a sword. Still, it really seems like a gratuitous extra to bulk up the set to the appropriate price point. If you don’t count the sword, there’s about 10 pieces of the set invested in this thing. I would have rather they invested the extra pieces into beefing up the catapult a little more or possibly just tossing in an extra black knight minifig so the red knight has more targets to shoot at.

Knight’s Showdown retails at around seven bucks. You can definitely see where the money went, and with the aftermarket prices of troop builder minifigs, I really think the two knights and the catapult justify the price of the set on their own. You can probably toss the rest of the blocks into your extras bin and not miss them.

Unfortunately, Kingdoms is not a line that’s going to continue into 2011, and neither is my other favorite Lego line, Space Police. I’m going to have to decide whether I want to spend some extra coin to pick up some backsets of these lines or just move forward and embrace some of the new stuff for 2011. From what I’ve seen of Pharaoh’s Quest, I’ll probably be on board with that line and try to get it all. Either way, you can plan on seeing a lot more Lego covered here on FigureFan throughout the new year.

Oh yeah… Happy New Year!

[Happy New Year, indeed. 2010 was my first full year doing FigureFan and it’s been a pretty fun ride. I was hoping my Mego-style Real Ghostbusters figures would come in yesterday so we could look at them tomorrow, but no such luck. So, instead, I’m going to jump the gun to kick off another DC Universe Week. I’ll be starting off with a look at the Fates Intertwined two figure pack and then moving into a look at all of Wave 13, and possibly get in a figure from Wave 14 as well, since I’m only going to be cherry picking a few figures out of that particular wave. -FF]

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