Doctor Who: Slitheen and Space Pig by Character Options

So, last time I took a look at the Autons, the first enemies to be featured in the return of Doctor Who. It seems only fitting to move on to the first original new baddies to be introduced in the New Who: The Slitheen. Not a race, but actually a criminal family, the Slitheen came from the often mispronounced and damn hard to spell planet of Raxacoricofallapatoria. With the ability to wear human skins, and a goal to nuke The Earth and get rich off the resulting energy, the Slitheen have popped up again in both Doctor Who and the spin-off series Sarah-Jane Adventures. The figure itself was available in two carded varieties. One came with the remains of a human skin suit, but the one we’re looking at today came with a way cooler bonus: The Space Pig seen in Aliens of London.


The Slitheen certainly are creepy enough. They’ve got this killer baby vibe going on, with their big soulless eyes, puffy cheeks, and sneering mouths full of sharp teeth. They’re also hulkingly huge. I can’t say I was in love with them as an alien threat, it was hard to take them seriously with all the fart jokes, but I sure dig their overall design. The figure does the design justice in every way. It’s big, excellenty sculpted and loads of fun to play around with. The arms are ridiculously large and their open clawed hands make it easy for him to pick up other figures. The mouth is sculpted open to show off those crazy teeth and the collar that allows them to mass shift for their human disguises is really well represented.


The Slitheen’s articulation includes a rotating neck, ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, universal movement in the hips and hinged knees. This figure is proof positive that CO knows how to produce figures with ball joints, so why they haven’t incorporated it into all their figure articulation is beyond me, but it sure works well here.


And a Space Pig? Oh yeah. In case you missed the Series One episode, Aliens of London, the Slitheen faked an extraterrestrial first contact by genetically altering a pig to make it look like an alien, putting him in a space suit, and having it crash a spaceship into Big Ben. Ok, it’s a long story, but suffice it to say the Space Pig figure is yet more proof that Character Options was once willing to turn anything into a figure, so long as it had a moment’s worth of screentime. And that’s pretty much all the poor Space Pig got. He woke up, freaked out, and then was quickly and unceremoniously murdered by a confused and overzealous soldier.


The figure is a little pink and portly fellow in a black and gold space suit. The sculpting on his face and paws is pretty remarkable right down to his detailed hair and his goofy expression. That would be actually my only complaint is that this piggy astronaut looks a little too happy and not all that much like the terrified porcine on the show. But then this is a delightfully ridiculous figure to begin with, so there’s not much point in picking nits about his expression. Space Pig has a diminished level of articulation, which I guess is to be expected for such a little guy. His head rotates, his shoulders rotate, and his legs rotate at the hips.


If you’re out to get a Slitheen figure, you can’t go wrong with either of the carded versions, so what you really need to decide is whether or not you need this Space Pig. Truth be told, nobody really needs this Space Pig figure, but then why the hell wouldn’t you want it? Even if you lay aside the short lived character its based on, the very concept of a genetically altered pig in a space suit is so wonderfully characteristic ofDoctor Who you might as well have this figure displayed on your shelf. Or better yet, pick up both versions. The Slitheen is an impressive figure and well worth owning a couple.

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