DC Universe Classics Wave 17: Indigo Lantern Atom by Mattel

We’re over the Wave 17 hump, with only two packaged figures and the C&C left. Today we’re checking out one of my favorite figures in this assortment, The Atom as he appeared after being deputized into the Indigo Tribe. Cool!

I’m all tapped out on worthwhile comments on this packaging. As always, its a nice presentation with The Atom carded in a fairly neutral stance and with his staff held out to his side. Nice.
I really dig The Atom as a character, although he wasn’t one of my favorite things about Blackest Night. As a result my love for this figure is more about the way it turned out and all the work Mattel put into it, than any great interest for the The Atom in the guise of the Indigo Lantern. But that’s always been the great thing about some of DC Universe Classics’ more obscure figures: The appeal of the figures can often exceed the appeal of the character.
There’s tons of great original tooling on this figure and some excellent paintwork. The fringe work on his boots and the collar is nicely done. He has a silver neckless with a medallion showing off the Indigo emblem and his shoulder armor includes a strap running down across his chest. And check out that belt! It has a really cool hammered metal look and the finely tampo’d Atom symbol on the buckle. His tattoos are nice and crisp with no slop or bleeding. The whole red, blue and gold pattern works great, making this a beautiful figure!
In addition to the C&C piece, The Atom comes with his trusty Indigo staff.

Yep, this is one great looking figure. Mattel poured the love into this release and that more than makes up for the repaints and resculpts of Blue Flash, White Hal, and Orange Lex. Ok, maybe it doesn’t make up for Orange Lex, but Indigo Atom is just awesome and a proud addition to my Blackest Night/Green Lantern shelf.
Tomorrow we look at the final packaged figure and also my favorite… Its Sinestro Corps Scarecrow!

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