DC Universe Classics Wave 20: Sinestro by Mattel

Its crazy that with well over 100 DC Universe Classics figures in my collection, and about two dozen of those being in some way Green Lantern related, I haven’t had a Sinestro figure on my shelves until now, despite this one being the third release. [Actually, it would be the fourth release if you count the one in the Walmart Exclusive Green Lantern 5-pack! -FF] The story of Sinestro in the DCUC is sort of akin to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Wave three Sinestro was too small. Two-pack Sinestro was too black and blue. Well, Wave 20 Sinestro is juuuuust right!

Take a good look… we won’t be seeing this packaging for much longer. I’ve yet to see what the new DC All Stars packages will look like, but the Club Infinite Earth figures will be in snazzy new window boxes! Anyway, Sinestro looks mighty nice in his bubble and the Necron C&C piece is concealed behind the insert.
Sinestro’s head appears to be the same sculpt that was used last time, and that’s perfectly fine because it really is a terrific sculpt. Resculpting costs a lot of money and in this case it wasn’t broke, so why fix it? I’ve always thought Sinestro’s mug was the perfect guise between arch villain and pedophile and that’s certainly well conveyed here. The rest of the figure is more or less the costume painted on the body. There is an additional sculpted piece for Sinestro’s higher collar. The belt and ubiquitous arm bracers that appear on all the Sinestro Corps figures are also sculpted onto the figure. The paintwork is sharp and clean and I always dig the color scheme on the figures because the black and yellow just really pops.
The articulation here holds no surprises. You get a ball jointed head, The arms have ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, and swivels in the biceps and wrists. His legs have universal movement in the hips, hinges in the knees and ankles, and swivels in the thighs. Sinestro can swivel at the waist and has the usual ab crunch in the torso. I think it would have been cool to employ some of the newer double joints here, just because Sinestro’s body is a little lankier than usual, but that didn’t happen.
Sinestro comes with his yellow lantern and… that’s it! I don’t expect a lot of accessories with my DCUC figures, but in this case a couple of yellow constructs would have been cool. Matty could have just tossed a couple from the 2-pack in for good measure. Ah well. Chances are a lot of people already own the previous versions, and thereby already have some of the ring constructs to share.
Its crazy to think we had to wait 20 waves, much less the last wave, of DC Universe Classics to get this awesome Sinestro figure. I was lucky to have waited so that this was my first and only version of the character. Even still, I think he’s well worth picking up even if you have one of the previous releases. He’s properly proportioned and looks fantastic. And finally my Sinestro Corps figures have a leader. Yay!

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