Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt’s Musical Extravaganza, Part 2: The Rest of the Band!

Yesterday, I got swept away in nostalgia looking at the POTF2 versions of The Max Rebo band. Today, I spit in the face of nostalgia with a look at the extended members of the band from that dreaded Special Edition of Return of the Jedi. A lot of people will tell you that Greedo shooting first is the worst change Lucas made to these movies. Now, I agree that change profoundly altered a scene that commented deeply on Han Solo’s character. But to be honest, I didn’t even notice the change when I first saw it. What I couldn’t help but notice was a shitty cartoon character shoved in my face in the new song and dance number added to the Jabba’s Palace scene in Jedi. The whole thing felt like an out of place gag in what was originally an incredibly tense and scary act of the movie. Nevertheless, today I present you with… Barquin D’an, Doda Bodonawieedo, and Joh Yowza.




As we saw yesterday, in the late 90’s Hasbro took a cue from The Blues Brothers and embarked on a mission to get the band back together. But rather than do it in one clean and simple three-pack like Kenner did back in the day, they split them up into three separate 2-packs. If you wanted the Rebo Band, you had to buy the Special Edition band members as well. Why? Because, f’ck you! And because money. Yes, they were also available much later as a big box set Walmart exclusive, but we’re talking POTF2 here, peeps! Star Wars figures were making a huge comeback and dammit, collectors wanted their Rebo Band even if it meant sucking down the Special Edition dudes too. The breakdown of the two-packs went like this: Max Rebo came with the Bith, Barquin D’an; Droopy McCool came with the Rodian, Doda Bodonawieedo, and Sy Snoodles came with that insufferable piece of CGI’d shit, Joh Yowza. God, I hate that I know his name. Let’s take them in order…


First off is Baquin D’an. I’ve got no problem with this guy. He’s just a Bith musician blowing on his kloo horn. I once had the entire set of Creature Cantina Bith figures from the Modal Nodes that came in a really cool collector’s tin. I often wish I still had those, so getting this figure in my collection makes me happy. Sure, he’s partly responsible for playing the intro to the shameless spectacle “Jedi Rocks” but I’m not going to blame him for that because I like him. Did you know that Bith music is called Jizz? Now you do. You’re welcome.


Baquin is a pretty simple figure but I love him because he can fit in all sorts of displays. He has the usual 5-points of articulation, plus a waist swivel, and while he is pre-posed to be playing his horn, if you remove it you can make it look like he’s just holding a drink and socializing after the gig. He just makes for great alien rabble filler in any display you want to set up. The kloo horn is a pretty cool accessory and the mouth piece fits right into Baquin’s tiny little mouth hole. Did I mention their music is called Jizz? Once again, you’re welcome!



Next up is Doda Bodonawieedo, Baquin’s co-conspirator. I ain’t gonna lie, I dig this figure a lot too. He’s a demure Rodian wearing an orange tunic and for the time, he’s a pretty good sculpt. Doda shares the same articulation as Baquin right down to the waist swivel, although his tunic prevents his hip joints from doing him any good. Also, like Baquin, Doda is pre-posed to play his instrument, the sliterhorn, and if you take it away he also looks like he could be mingling at a party with a drink in his hand. I wish I still had those Cantina sets, they came with drink glasses. God, somebody keep me off of Ebay!




And then there’s Joh Yowza. F’ck this guy. I really liked the original “Lepti Nek” tune that the Rebo band played before Lucas butchered the scene. I actually had it on vinyl. It was a forty-five and I think I recall it having the original Ewok Celebration song on the flipside. I’m not joking! I used to get all hopped up on Pixie Sticks and rock out to that. Ahh… the 80’s! And then this guy came along, pushed Sy Snoodles out of the limelight and took a shit right in our ears. Even the figure is a travesty. This guy looks out of place even in a room of puppets and freaks. Did you know that his race is called Yuzzum, they are indigenous to Endor, and they were supposed to be featured in the movie alongside the Ewoks? At least we were spared that. I guess things could have been worse.




Joh Yowza is going right into the deepest depths of one of my darkest action figure totes and then possibly buried in the back yard. He’s a crappy looking figure based on an abomination of an idea. Better yet, when I get a new Rancor, I’m going to put Yowza in its mouth. The other two, Baquin and Doda, are actually pretty cool figures and I have no problem with them chilling in the back of my Rebo Band display providing some tasteful back up for the Club Remix of Lepti Nek that will most assuredly be playing in my Jabba Palace display.


Tomorrow, I’ve got one more Special Edition band member to look at and then we’ll wrap things up with a peek at Jabba’s Dancers.

10 comments on “Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt’s Musical Extravaganza, Part 2: The Rest of the Band!

  1. “Why? Because, f’ck you! And because money.” HAHAHAHAHAH!

    Dude, that sucks how this set was sold. And why the fuck is that Yowsa guy so tall? Is he supposed to be that tall? Fuckin…fuck.

    I didn’t have that Lapti Nek single, but DAAAAMN that is cool. I did have the soundtrack album. On it were the full Lapti Nek, and of course, the full Yub Yub. Man I wore that record OUT! The booklet was destroyed.

    • Yub Yub was the shit too. I played that 45 like crazy. I used to put it on over and over again when I was cleaning my room. I’m surprised my parents didn’t send me for therapy.

      • I think we played it repeatedly too. So disappointed Lucas got rid of those songs. I don’t understand why you change a major musical moment in a movie, unless you lose the rights to a song (which didn’t happen).

        And hey, good on John Williams for doing Episode IX. John has to retire eventually…his shoes will be extraordinarily hard to fill, without a doubt.

      • I can’t even imagine a Star Wars film scored by someone else. The score was one of the only thing that the prequels had going right for them and made them feel like Star Wars films. If he retires, they should just compile the soundtrack from the existing movies.

      • I’m certain that his body of work will be mined extensively for new musical parts.

        Have you heard the soundtrack to Shadow of the Empire? I have that CD, I should review it for you.

      • I have been scared to review my Star Wars soundtracks because of…the weight of them! They’re SO DAMN IMPORTANT TO SO MANY PEOPLE! As much as we all disliked the special editions, the SOUNDTRACKS for the special editions were lovely. Gorgeous looking laser-etched CD art. Remastered sound with unreleased music. What I can’t recall is if the original songs Lapti Nek and Yub Yub were on the special edition CDs. Regardless, they were on my Jedi soundtrack.

      • I have the soundtracks to all the prequels and I love them. I honestly think that the score is the only redeeming quality of Phantom Menace. The music literally justifies that movie’s existence.

      • I’m missing the soundtrack to Attack of the Clones. You’re right about Phantom Menace. Dual of the Fates…remember how many damn times we watched that music video when it first came out? I know you did it too! That damn video was getting midday air play on MuchMusic (Canada’s MTV).

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