Masters of the Universe Classics: Faker by Mattel

Today’s feature posted late because I’m sick as a dog, but the show must go on… so here I am. The delay was actually rather fortuitous because now I can post it with the news that Club Eternia’s 2015 (and final) Subscription Year has been funded and is going forward. Matty claims they hit 100.9% funding on the final day after the window was extended an extra week. Is it true? Does that number seem a little too convenient? Honestly, who the hell cares? I’m typing through a cloud of Nyquill induced funk. Just give me the final year of figures so I can be done with all of this…

August turned out to be a rather heavy month for me with Matty Collector, with no less than four figures showing up on my doorstep last week. Club Eternia doubled up with two releases, Club Etheria offered up one and I picked up today’s figure through the Early Access Sale and yes, it’s Faker! There were a couple motivations in play that got me to buy Faker this tie around. First, his price on the second hand market has been creeping up quite a bit. Second, one of this month’s Club Eternia figures comes with a second head for him. Well played, Matty, you toss in a free head and get me to buy a figure! Anyway, I decided to look at Faker first so that I’ll already have had him featured by the time I get to opening New Adventures Skeletor and can try out his new noggin.


There’s the packaging and there’s really nothing new here. You’ll note the “The Original” explosion on the bubble insert, which in Matty-speak means the exact opposite. This is not from the original release stock but rather one of the reissues. In fact I’m pretty sure Matty has trotted Faker out on Sale Day a couple of times so this is a technically a re-reissue. I think it’s cool that Matty changes up the package so if you are a mint-on-card collector and you did get him the first time around you have some bragging rights. I don’t often comment on the bios, but in this case I really like Faker’s. It proclaims that he was originally invented by Man-At-Arms and tossed onto the “royal junkyard” so that Tri-Klops could fish him out and reprogram him. First of all, I think it’s funny that Tri-Klops spends his downtime going through junkyards. Secondly, why the hell is Tri-Klops allowed to run wild picking through the royal junkyard? Anyway, let’s rip open this blue bastard and check him out.



So, in case you didn’t already know, Faker is basically a blue repaint of He-Man, just like he was in the vintage line. Yup, even in a line of action figures designed around reusing the same body parts as many times as possible, Mattel still couldn’t resist just taking a He-Man, painting him blue, and selling him to kids that don’t know any better. Or in my case, a middle-aged toy collecting functional alcoholic, who really does know better but just doesn’t care. But don’t think I’m knocking him. In both concept and execution, Faker is so batshit stupid that the needle swings all the way around and comes back to land on awesome again. I’d pass on making the jokes about how a blue He-Man is supposed to fool anyone into thinking he’s the real He-Man, but I’m sure it’s already been done to death. I will, however, point out that thanks to his Classics bio, apparently both Man-At-Arms and Skeletor were both stupid enough to think a blue He-Man would do the job. Maybe as a species Eternians are all color blind.


If it sounds like I’m padding this feature out with nonsense, well you got me, because there’s not a hell of a lot to be said about Faker that isn’t abundantly obvious. Plus, I’m loopy from the illness and meds. The repaint of Skeletor’s armor looks quite nice, although the left shoulder guard is left a little warped because he was pre-posed in the package. I’m so glad Matty stopped doing that. The coloring on this figure is extremely well done. The shade of blue if rich and looks great accompanied by the purple boots and furry barbarian diaper. The grey and silver paint used for the belt and bracers is quite striking and the paintwork on my figure is immaculate. And if you remove Faker’s armor you’re treated to a tampo on his chest showing some of his exposed android parts. I always thought that was cool.



Faker comes with two accessories and both of them are copies of He-Man’s Power Sword. One is just the regular sword cast in orange plastic with a metallic orange finish to the blade. The other is an orange cast of half of the Power Sword.



Even for someone like me, who isn’t a hardcore fan of the Masters fiction, Faker is something of an iconic figure in the line and it’s nice to finally put him in my collection. This figure was not something I was going to be willing to pay a premium for, so I’m certainly glad Matty offered him up for sale again. I’m sure a lot of collectors availed themselves of the opportunity, particularly with the extra Faker head coming with New Adventures Skeletor. And speaking of which, I’ll swing back to check out that figure at the end of the week so we can gawk at Faker’s alternate noggin.




And with that, I’m crawling back into bed. I’m also going to be taking tomorrow off to try to carpet bomb the sick out of me with over-the-counter meds and Jameson, but I will be back the following day for Transformers Thursday!

2 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Faker by Mattel

  1. You can thank me for the MotUClassics renewal for 2015. I subbed up late on Monday. I try not to read Matty rants too much and totally missed the first deadline. Talk about putting out some more sweet New Adventures figures next year really has me stoked. That show was great and the 4Horsemen have really done right by those characters.
    Cold meds helped squeeze out some good comedy juices but be careful mixing with the hard stuff. I had some hard drinks at the Echo & the Bunnymen show last week and had to cool my jets for over 2 hours in a diner after the show consuming a midnight dinner and drinking gallons of water.

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