DC Comics Super-Villains: “New 52” Joker by DC Collectibles

Those that know me, know that I don’t get really deep into Batman’s comics. I do, however, try to read the collections that revolve around important story arcs. That’s what dragged me into finally reading “Death of the Family” and I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. Conversely, I’ve only really been collecting the DCC figures related to the books I’ve been reading, so naturally The Joker now had to be on that list. This figure has actually been on my want list for a while and when he turned up on clearance at an online retailer, I tossed him in my virtual basket, along with a bunch of other “New 52” figures I was still missing.


The package is the same style window box as we’ve been seeing from DCC all along, complete with extended back and J-hook. In this case, however, they did switch up the deco quite a bit. Instead of the white box with purple swipe down the front, we get black and green. I presume the black is for evil and the green is Joker’s hair? I dig this more than the normal boxes, but I’d still like to see some character art or something more comic-book-y. Everything is collector friendly, but I don’t keep these boxes.



And here he is out of the package and he looks great! If you need any proof as to how unswervingly popular the Joker has been as a character over the decades, you need only look at the ridiculous number of ways he’s been depicted over the years. He’s had so many different looks that it’s hard to keep track of them all and this incarnation, after his face had a run in with The Dollmaker, is one that goes for shock value. To be more specific, this figure is based on Joker after he has returned to Gotham and reclaimed his face and is basically wearing it as a mask. I gotta tell you, I dig this look and DCC did a wonderful job bringing it to life in action figure form.



We might as well start with the portrait, because… damn! All the little staples and hooks holding the face on are realized in the sculpt and neatly painted, while the face itself shows the macabre wrinkles and stretch marks. Around the border you can see the reddish-brown exposed muscle and I love how deep the eyes are set into the sculpt. The detail in the teeth is also impressive and the whole thing is topped off nicely by his tuft of green hair. You could argue that a lot of DCC’s subject matter doesn’t give them the opportunity to strut their stuff as much as this guy does, but they sure stepped up when that opportunity arrived. Bravo!


The outfit consists of mechanic’s overalls from Joe’s Garage, which includes a convincing amount of sculpted rumples and wrinkles. I dig the oversized work gloves and the sculpted laces on the boots. The real star of the outfit, however, is the tool belt, which not only includes a bunch of sculpted tools, but places to store some of his extra accessories. 


The articulation here is very good for a DCC figure. That may sound like a loaded compliment, but it isn’t meant to be. Sure, apart from the waist swivel, there’s no articulation in the torso, but everything else here is plenty serviceable. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the biceps and wrists. The legs feature a T-crotch at the hips (probably the most disappointing thing about the figure), hinges in the knees, and swivels in the ankles. The head rests on a generous ball joint. All the joints were fine right out of the package, and nothing feels like its in danger of snapping.




DC Collectibles isn’t big on accessories with their figures, but Joker hit the jackpot. He comes with four implements of torture and murder in the form of everyday tools. You get a hammer and a wrench, both of which can be stowed in the loops on his belt. You get a pair of needle nose pliers, identical to the ones sculpted into his back pouch. And finally, you get a nasty looking serrated knife.



This figure is outstanding on just about every level. The sculpt and paint are both top notch and if we’re grading articulation on a curve, even that is better than your average DCC figure. I would have been perfectly happy picking him up at the MSRP of $20, but grabbing him for $13 was all the more sweeter. He is easily my favorite DCC figure standing in my display at the moment, and that’s saying quite a bit because as I said, I’m pretty selective about the Batman books that I read. But hell, I like this figure so much, I’ll probably go scoop up DCC’s Trinity set so I can have a proper DCC “New 52” Batman to go with him. Next Friday I’ll keep this DC Collectibles train rolling along with a look at a brand new Harley Quinn figure.

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