Game of Thrones (3 3/4-inch): Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, and Ygritte by Funko

It’s Sunday and a lot of you are going to be going through Game of Thrones withdrawal tonight, so I decided to pop in with a fairly quick little Feature to take a look at Funko’s new line of 3 3/4-inch Game of Thrones figures. Yes, in a weird turn of events, Funko has abandoned their rather decent 6-inch GoT Legacy Collection line and went for these 3 3/4-inch figures instead. To be clear, these aren’t part of their ReAction line, but rather seem to be designed to stand as their own self-contained series. The initial assortment consists of six figures and all of them are focused on the War in the North. Unfortunately, that’s the aspect of the series and books that interests me the least. As a result, I didn’t go all in, but just picked up three to see what they are all about. And thank The God of Fire, for that, because these really suck!


Package presentation has never been one of Funko’s problems. The packaging was often the best thing about their ReAction line and the collector friendly boxes used in the Legacy Collection were great. Here, we have a simple and clean presentation for a carded 3 3/4-inch line. The front of the card is generic and feature a large bubble that shows off the figure well. There’s an insert at the bottom with the character’s name, and the back of the cards has a screen capture of the character from the series. I would have preferred a “Collect Them All” sort of thing on the back, but whatever.


It’s worth pointing out that I thought this line had a lot of potential. Game of Thrones features a rich universe of characters and while I really dig a lot of the 6-inch figures, this smaller scale was perhaps better suited for producing that wide number of characters. Obviously, these are not collector friendly, so let’s rip them apart and take a quick look, starting with Jon Snow.


Aaaaaand, yup! The arm broke off at the shoulder right out of the package. It’s actually possible it was already broken in there and the cape was just keeping it in place because it really does fit snug against the shoulders. How great a start is this? “You know nothing (of quality control) Jon Snow!” It’s not even a ball joint or anything complicated, just a simple swivel. It’s also one of only nine points of articulation on the figure. At this point, I was ready to bin the figure and scrap this Feature, but I decided to move on with a quick look…


Overall, this is a pretty soft sculpt without an over abundance of detail or paint. In fact, from the neck down there is some silver paint on the belt fixtures and nowhere else. I suppose the Black Watch garb is convenient as Funko didn’t have to invest in many paint operations. The head sculpt is better than the ReAction stuff, and honestly not terrible for a figure in this scale, but it isn’t great either. One of the straps for the cape seems like it was supposed to be attached, but it looks damaged and just hangs loose. All these figures have the same articulation. You get the standard vintage style in the shoulders and hips, with additional hinges in the elbows and knees. The heads are ball jointed. In the case of Jon Snow, the cape renders the shoulder articulation useless, but you can take the cape off by popping the head. It doesn’t help much in my case since my figure is now missing his right arm. Snow comes with one accessory, his sword, which is fairly decent for the scale. I just hope he’s left handed. Moving on to his buddy…


Samwell came out of his package without any limbs falling off, so that’s a step up. He features a chunkier build and sculpted quilting on his tunic. Again, there’s very little in the way of paint here. In fact, other than the flesh on his hands, there’s no paint at all from the neck down. Once again, the drab costumes of The Black Watch work to Funko’s favor and save money on paint. The head sculpt is about as passable as Jon’s. Samwell comes with a crossbow, which he cannot hold in anything resembling a firing position. It’s a pretty stupid accessory for him anyway. He should have come with a book or maybe a dragon glass dagger. Moving on…


And last up we have Ygritte. The sculpt here is super soft, and the costume is downright f’ugly, although some of that has to do with her just wearing a hodge-podge of furs, so I won’t harp on it too badly. Here, Funko couldn’t get away without some paint apps, but it’s basically just gray and brown and some darker brown wash over the fur. The head sculpt here is easily the worst of the three, as it’s a tad over-sized and there’s no likeness to the actress at all. If these were still ReAction figures, I’d probably give it a pass, but seeing as how the other two at least resemble their screen counterparts, I’ll dub this one a fail. The quiver is a separate piece and secured with a shoulder strap and she comes with her bow.


And there you have it… these are unfortunately pretty lame, and that’s not all that unexpected. I’ve been on record praising some of Funko’s stuff when they deserve it, but this is a weird line and I really don’t know what they’re going for here. They’re clearly not in the same category as ReAction, but they aren’t anywhere near good enough to be considered seriously as a legit 3 3/4-inch action figure line in the year 2016. At least only one of them broke, but that was enough to keep me out of this line in the future. Maybe there’s some merit here to keep them carded and hang them on the wall, but even that’s a reach. At ten bucks a pop, these would be a funny joke, if they weren’t ripping people off. Between these and the horrible Fallout figures, I think it’s time Funko abandon the action figure market and just go back to taking over the world with Pop Vinyls!

3 comments on “Game of Thrones (3 3/4-inch): Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, and Ygritte by Funko

  1. Yeah, not digging these that much at all. I can see the wisdom in going with a 1/18th scale but considering that Funko couldn’t make the fairly nice 6 inch line work seemingly, it seems odd to assume that the issue was the scale.

    • I think it was a great line too. I had mixed feelings when they announced these. I thought at least it would allow them to do tons of characters (which obviously never happened), but the few I bought were so bad, I was done before I even began.

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