Star Trek Mega Bloks: “Day of the Dove” and “The Guardian of Forever” by Mattel

There may not be much evidence of it, but we’re smack dab in the middle of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. It’s kind of sad, really as it’s a milestone event for one of my favorite sci-fi properties and apart from some higher end figures coming out from Qmx and Mezco, there isn’t a lot of merchandise out there to celebrate. Unless you look in the most unlikeliest of places… Mega Bloks! Yes, the brand may be a LEGO knock-off of often dubious quality, but Mattel has used it to bring Classic Trek to the toy shelves, and there was no way I was going to sit this out. Today I’m checking out two of the smaller sets, each based on episodes of The Original Series!



The packaging here is really nice. You get the Classic Star Trek logo along with the 50th Anniversary insignia and I’ll confess it’s just weird to be seeing the Classic Series branded on mass market toys again. The front of the boxes show illustrations of what you get along with a Starfleet insignia cut-out displaying one of the Micro Figures. The back of the boxes have actual shots of what you get to build. I’m going to start with “The Day of the Dove.”


The box contains a folded color instruction booklet, two baggies of bricks and figures, and a tray containing one loose figure, in this case it’s Scotty. This one is 97 pieces and it is an extremely quick and easy build. I don’t think it took me all of ten minutes. This episode featured an alien life form that fed on rage, which staged a battle on the Enterprise between Starfleet and Klingon crews using only swords to hack each other to bits. Downed crew-members would eventually get back up and have at it again all while the alien entity gorged itself on the negative energy. One of the key battles took place over Engineering.



The Micro Figures include Scotty, Chekov, Commander Kang, and a Klingon crewmen and these goofy little bastards are pretty damn cool. I think the aesthetic works well here and the amount of articulation that Mattel packs into these tiny figures is always impressive. The paint is simple and clean. If I had one complaint, it’s that the Klingons should have darker complexions, but whatever! Each of the figures comes with a cutlass and a gold disc stand.



The build is a section of an Engineering console, which is basically just a base and a wall and the work center. The consoles and screen are all printed, so no stickers, which is nice. I will say that I wish Mattel had made this a bigger set, so we could have had a bigger Engine Room. Maybe two sections with the ladder between them. But at least what we got looks spot on. I can’t imagine anyone not being a fan of this episode, because it’s pretty freaking great, but if not, this is still a worthy set to pick up as it gives you part of the Enterprise, a couple officers, and a couple Klingons. How could you go wrong? Moving on…


The second set is called “The Guardian of Forever” but is based on the first season episode, “The City on the Edge of Forever” in which the Enterprise discovers a portal that can take them to any time and place. Sulu goes apeshit and runs through it, and they wind up going back in time to mid 20th Century Earth and inadvertently mucking up the timelines. This set is roughly comparable to the previous one, with two baggies containing a total of 111 pieces.



The Micro Figures here include Kirk, McCoy, and two Red Shirts. You get a communicator for Kirk, a tricorder for McCoy and phasers for the two bastards who are about to die. I’ll mention here that the likenesses on these figures are surprisingly good for what they are. I mean, yeah they look like caricatures, but I can definitely recognize all the actors faces in the main characters.



The Guardian build is a bit more complex than the Engineering station, but it still goes pretty quick and overall, I’d say it looks good. I like the use of some transparent blocks. Again, this could have been a bigger and more impressive set, with a larger Guardian and a bigger environment, but for what it is, I’m pretty happy with it.



These sets were $15.99 each and I think that’s a pretty good deal. The builds aren’t bad, but they go so fast that these feel more like Micro Figure packs with a little something extra thrown in. If the build is all your looking for, these may disappoint, but if you’re looking for an instant little collection of Micro Figure and some neat little display environments, these are just the ticket. These are a huge step up from that shitty Trek Kre-O line from Hasbro, and I’m going to be almost all in on these sets. I say “almost” because I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to pony up the $200+ for the USS Enteprise, but then I haven’t ruled it out yet either.

By figurefanzero

2 comments on “Star Trek Mega Bloks: “Day of the Dove” and “The Guardian of Forever” by Mattel

  1. Yay! I love those sets! I have these two, the bridge and the transporter room. I got/did the two bigger ones first, as they came out first. I love how the figures are spread evenly over all sets, so you don’t get anything double. For example here you get the yellow Kirk, while the bridge has the green Kirk.

    I found a difference between the small sets and the big sets: The smaller ones would open easier, as the cardboard had lashes. The big ones were glued, and hard to get open if you didn’t want to cut it.

    Also, in the Guardian set, the tricorder, communicator and phaser are not painted. In the bridge set, they have some silver bits. I guess I need to paint them myself. For posing I used the others so far.

    I love the figures! Compared to Lego figures, we get elbow joints and knees and shoulders that can move into all directions. Pretty neat! I don’t like the holes in the back, they look odd when photographing from behind. The chairs on the bridge have a stud where they are supposed to go onto, but I removed it.

    I won’t get the big Enterprise – have you seen the size of that thing? Where does one keep something like that?

    I would love for them to continue that line – maybe with a sickbay or Captain’s quarters! I’d love a sickbay for my McCoy.

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