Marvel Legends (Juggernaut Wave): Cable by Hasbro

It’s Week Two of my jaunt through the new X-Men Wave of Marvel Legends and for this Marvel Monday, I’ve decided to rip open Cable. Now, what we have here is one of those Good News, Bad News, Good News scenarios. The Good News? He’s Cable! And at last in the Legends scale! The Bad News? It’s not really the version of Cable I would have preferred. The Good News? He’s still an excellent figure! But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with a quick look at the packaging…


I commented last time about how much I dig these boxes with the matching yellow accents and boy do I! Along with the snazzy coloring, the character art on the side panels really make them pop and they look amazing collected together as a set. If I weren’t so hard pressed for space as it is, I would probably display this set packaged and on the wall, but alas my walls and closets and shelves are busting at the seams, so I’m going to have to be content admiring the boxes in these pictures after I toss them all. But before I sadly toss the packaging, let me get the stuff inside out first!


So, yeah, this isn’t really my Cable. This Cable does not scream “bodyslide by two” hijinx with Deadpool to me. This Cable hails from a mini-series from about four years ago. It’s an odd choice to be sure, but knowing Hasbro’s need to recycle parts in this line, they may have been going for a look that they could work with. And while I haven’t looked at the Civil War Wave yet, I’m seeing a bit of the Nuke figure in this one. Ideal? No! Am I OK with it? Yuppers! Because Cable here, no matter the version, is a damn nice figure. One of my favorite things about him is the bulky armor, which features some lovely texturing and scattered bullet holes. Also the segmented metal arm is just gorgeous!


This is also a suitably bulky buck. Even without the barrel chested armor, he’s got a nice presence to him. There’s plenty of detail in the pants and boots. He’s packing dual thigh pouches, a slew of belt pouches. POUCHES! He’s clearly trying to make Deadpool jealous. The shin and knee armor is colored to match his chest armor and also features some dings and bullet holes. The deco on him is nothing outrageously special, but the quality of the paint is superb. That silver paint just can’t be beat. I also love the tat on his right shoulder.



And the portrait!!! Hasbro wasn’t fooling around when they sculpted this noggin. This is clearly a character that offered plenty of opportunities for them to shine and they stepped up to the challenge. The stern jaw, broad nose, and grim expression says it all. The paint apps on the scarring and his one organic eye are sharp and clean, and the exposed cybernetic portion of the head is absolutely killer. Again, some great silver paint and amazing detail work in the segmented lining. What’s particularly cool is the detail on the neck goes all the way down into the armor. I have nothing but admiration for the work here.




Cable’s articulation is a little better than I would have expected from such a substantial buck. I was particularly pleased to see the double hinges in the elbows. The arms also feature rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, and swivels in the biceps. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, double hinged at the knees, and have swivels in the thighs. The ankles are hinged and feature lateral rockers. The torso has a swivel at the waist and a very generous ball joint buried under the chest armor. The neck has both a hinge and ball joint. The jointing on this figure feels great and he’s been pretty hard for me to put down.




Weapons! It wouldn’t be Cable without an arsenal and this figure comes with two sizable, futuristic guns. The smaller of the two appears to be a new sculpt. If it isn’t, I can’t place where we’ve seen it before.  The larger gun is, appropriately enough, the same gun that came with Hope Summers all the way back in the initial wave of the Legends relaunch. This one, however, has the added bonus of an ammo belt that plugs into the bottom of the stock.




In case you can’t tell, I absolutely adore this figure. And that sentiment shouldn’t be taken lightly, as I’m even surprised at myself how the disappointment of this not being Cable’s more conventional look hasn’t overwhelmed me here. The truth is, this is such an amazing looking figure and so much fun to play with, that I’m easily able to overlook what could have been and just really admire the beautiful work that went into what we got. And for the time being, at least I still have an excellent 3 3/4-inch version of proper Cable from the Marvel Universe line a few years back. So far, this Wave is batting two for two. As much as I’m tempted to go with Deadpool next, I think I’ll check out one of the X-Ladies on next week’s Marvel Monday.

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