Mythic Legions: Sir Owain by The Four Horsemen

It’s Wednesday and time for another look into The Four Horsemen’s Kickstartered line of amazing 6-inch scale fantasy figures. I began my look at the Mythic Legions line two months ago with the brave knight, Sir Gideon, and after nearly ten figures, today I’m returning to the knights of the line and checking out Sir Owain!


Here is a quick, obligatory look at the figure in his packaging. You get a generic card with a little of the line’s fiction on the back. The bubble insert has “Mythic Legions” printed across the front and a little bio of the character on the right panel. The card is designed to slide out of the plastic bubble front, so everything is collector friendly!



Oh yes, Sir Owain is as classic a knight as you can get. This guy really takes me back to those wonderful Marx Knights that I used to play with at my Uncle’s house way back when. We’re almost ten figures in and by now we’re going to start seeing a lot more familiar parts, but this is as close to a straight repaint as I’ve shown thus far. From the neck down, Sir Owain is just a recolor of Gorgo Aetherblade. The sinister black and red deco has been replaced with a simple yet gorgeous silver and gold color scheme, keeping just a little bit of black. The resulting transformation from evil bastard to noble and heroic knight is impressive. Seriously, the quality of paint on this figure is just breathtaking.


As always, the shoulder armor arrives off the figure in the package. Owain looks totally complete without these pieces, but pegging them into the shoulders gives him some lovely bulk. As with the rest of the body, these shoulder pieces are also repaints from Gorgo. You also get the ubiquitous brown belt, which can be worn around the waist or as a shoulder strap.



While the bulk of this figure is recycled, this is the first time we’re seeing this head sculpt. Known as a Burgonet and popular in the 16th Century, this helmet really captures that classical romantic feel of the chivalrous knight as depicted in the Renaissance Period. The silver, black, and gold deco matches the rest of the armor and he does have a large burgundy plume spilling out the top from behind the crest.


Just in case this is your first of my Mythic Legion Features, I’ll give a quick run down on the articulation for the line. You get rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles, as well as lateral rockers in the ankles to steady him for those wide stances. The waist is ball jointed, as is the neck. The neck guard is soft plastic and is designed to shift if need be to accommodate movement in the neck. Truth be told, Sir Owain is probably a little more limber than a dude in full plate armor should be, but that’s what helps make him such a fun action figure. Also remember, these figures are designed to be modular, so if there’s a joint, then chances are that joint can be separated and another part swapped in for easy customization.




Like Sir Owain’s body, we’ve seen his weapons before. First off, he comes with a sword and shield. All the shields we’ve seen in the line so far have been the same basic accessory, but with a unique coat of arms painted on the front. In the case of Sir Owain you get a large bird with a sword in the center set against a black backdrop. The shield clips onto the figure’s wrist and the clip is pegged into the shield. The sword is the same one that came with Sir Gideon. It’s a single handed weapon with a newly painted deco for the hilt.



He also comes with the silver spear that we’ve seen several times.



You will no doubt have noticed that most of this Feature is pointing out how much of this figure is based on reused parts and accessories. Keep in mind, that is in no way intended as criticism. The fact is that T4H developed this line based on a selection ofparts that could be interchanged into different combinations to create new figures. And in this case, they show that even the right repaint can turn the same body into a figure that still feels fresh when standing next to the original. The repaint here is so well done and each figure owns it so well, that Owain doesn’t at all feel like a rehash of Gorgo to me. With all that having been said, anyone looking for just a beautiful 6-inch scale classical knight would be well served hunting this guy down. He’s a gorgeous figure even as a stand alone piece.

4 comments on “Mythic Legions: Sir Owain by The Four Horsemen

  1. This guy is fantastic! I wish I had the funds to collect another line like this but MOTUC, Hot Toys and Sideshow (not to mention all the music I buy and feature on my site), take all my funds. Mix that in with the crappy currency and shipping fees and it’s just not doable. I’ll enjoy your pics instead!

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