Mythic Legions: Vorgus Vermillius (The Blood Armor) by The Four Horsemen

It’s been one of those days, folks. Meetings ran long at work and here I am getting home late with content left undone. What can you do? It’s those long meetings that pay for toys! I was tempted to take the day off of bloggery, but it’s Mythic Legions Wednesday and I can’t let the day go un-celebrated, so I decided to look at a figure today that wouldn’t require a whole lot of time…


Behold… Vorgus Vermillius and the ubiquitous in-package shot. Nope, there’s nothing new to say about the package. I will, however, do something I haven’t really done with these figures before and give a shout out to this guy’s bio, because it’s just so damn awesome. To make a long story short, the brutal vampyric Knight Lord Edgard got himself some kick ass enchanted armor, but it turned out to be a trap that slowly consumed the life force of its wearer. In that regard, this isn’t necessarily a figure of Lord Edgard, but rather The Vorgus Vermillius, or Blood Armor, that roams the land looking for new victims to wear it so it can be fueled by their goddamn souls. Holy crap, that’s metal! Let’s check him out…



Does he look familiar? The reason this figure won’t take a lot of time is because he’s the closest I’ve come so far to looking at a straight repaint in this line. The Blood Armor is Gorgo Aetherblade, only with horns instead of antlers, and a diffent cape. The figure comes packaged with the shoulders off and the cape comes in a plastic baggie. The repaint is done mostly in one color and it is a very deep and rich red. So deep and rich that it looks brown under certain light. You do get some black wash as well, which adds a certain look of antiquity to the figure. I mentioned last time, when I looked at the Knight Legion Builders, how amazing these sculpts look even with simple paint jobs, and that’s the case here as well. I can still make out all of those beautifully sculpted details in his full suit of armor. As always the figure is modular in design and articulation is constant across the board in this line, so I’ll just refer you back to the Feature on Gorgo if you need to get up to speed. Now, stare into the grim face of death…



Damn, he’s gorgeous! Normally, the shoulders are completely optional, but I can’t imagine displaying this guy without them. They add a lot of menace to his stature, and they’re also instrumental in attaching his black cape. The cape has holes cut in it that you pass the peg through to secure it and as with Gorgo’s red cape, this one really adds to the figure. Every Dread Lord needs a flowing black cape! And yes, you also get the now familiar brown belt, which can be worn on the waist or as a shoulder strap to carry his sword.



Sword, you say? Yes, The Blood Armor comes with the usual array of killing instruments, all of which are repaints of weapons we’ve seen before. The sword is the same one we saw packed in with Gorgo, and several other figures since. It features a vaguely leaf-shaped blade, a two handed grip, and a stylish crossguard that really evokes the style of Tolkien weaponry for me. The blade is painted silver and the hilt is painted to match the armor itself.




You also get a repaint of the same axe that was bundled with Gorgo. It’s painted in the same colors to match the sword and as we’ve seen before, it can be converted from a single-blade to a far more formidable looking double-bladed weapon.



And finally, The Blood Armor comes with a spear. This spear has been recycled time and time again, but that’s not really a sticking point with me. Heh. Heh Heh. Ahem…



Whatever you do, do not mistake my brevity today as any slight on this figure. The Vorgus Vermillius is another absolutely outstanding figure in the Mythic Legions line and one with a damn cool backstory too! Indeed, when I was picking out which figures to get while remaining in my budget, I expressly tried to avoid any that were close to straight repaints. And yet, this guy still wound up on my list. It was quite simply the amazing paint job on the already fantastic sculpt that sold me, and I’ve had no regrets since I have had him in hand. And let me tell you, there is no better reward after a long, hard day at work than to pour a tall Jameson and sit down to admire and write about a magnificent figure like this one.

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