Mythic Legions: Sir Godfrey by The Four Horsemen

Yes, I know it’s Thursday. I know there should be transformable plastic robots on your screen right now. But, it’s been a crazy couple of days for me at work, I haven’t felt all that great, and so I had to take a day off of toy bloggery to recoup. Yes, that means Transformers Thursday is getting bumped, but to be honest, I don’t have any new Titans Return figures to look at today anyway. Hopefully next week. So here’s what I had planned to post yesterday… More Mythic Legions!

Last week I got the figures that I ordered from Wave 1.5, and I’m already pissed that I only bought two from this assortment. I had a lot of things going on, money was tight, but I keep asking myself, “Would eating Ramen for a week really have killed ya, you fat bastard?” Where was that measured council a couple of months ago when I needed it. Oh yeah, I also dropped $100 on one of the Deluxe Trolls in this Wave, so that’s where most of the monies went. He’s shipping later. Anyway, in the end I picked out the two that I couldn’t live without and today we’re going to look at Sir Godfrey, The Templar.


This may be Wave 1.5, but the presentation of the package has not changed at all. It’s the same cardback and same bubble insert. There’s a little bio about the character on the right hand panel of the insert and the whole shebang is totally collector friendly. In the Mythic Legions universe, the Templars are a sect of noble, but disgraced warriors aligned with Sir Gideon in the never ending battle against Gorgo’s evil. And while Mythic Legions may be a fantasy series, Sir Godfrey’s design is based on the real Templar warrior monks of history.


I always loved reading about these guys, and the myths and legends that have grown up around their Order and their distinctive white tabard with red cross looks amazing accompanied by the Mythic Legions armored buck. From the neck down, this figure is simply a repaint of Sir Gideon, but oh, what a repaint it is! The full plate armor is given a brushed steel look with some fabulous silver paint and the trim is all painted in gold. The armored sculpt is just as gorgeous as ever and the new paint combined with the white and crimson makes this quite possibly one of the most striking figures in this impressive line up. As always, the figure comes out of the package without his shoulders, and while any of these figures look fine displayed without them, I think this design works particularly well when left shoulder-less.


Nonetheless, they’re here if you want them by simply pegging them into the sockets in his back. They are perfectly matched with the rest of the armor and definitely give Sir Godfrey a more bulked up look. They also frame the tabard rather nicely. Add the brown sword belt, and this holy warrior is ready for action.


The helmet is the standard Great Helm type and is the same sculpt we saw included as Sir Gideon’s alternate head and the head on one of the Knight Legion Builders. The gold painted cross pieces are beautiful and all the rivets are painted gold as well. Godfrey also has a crimson plume rising from the top of his helmet.


Sir Godfrey comes with the same style of shield we’ve been seeing all along in this line, only it’s silver with the front painted with a crimson cross on a white field to match his tabard. The shield clips onto the figure’s wrist and can be rotated and orientated independently of the arm’s position.




And since no knight would be complete without his trusty sword, Godfrey comes with the smaller single-handed cruciform sword we’ve seen a few times before. This is the same sword that came with Gideon, painted with a gold hilt.




And what’s this? A brand new weapon! Yes, Godfrey also comes with this great looking flanged mace. The head is painted to match the armor and includes gold painted rivets. The shaft is sculpted with a wood grain pattern and painted brown. I’m really stoked to finally be getting a new weapon for my Mythic Legions arsenal and this one makes good sense here as the old myth goes that some sects of warrior monks were compelled to carry bludgeons so as not to shed blood.





If you’ve been reading my Mythic Legions reviews from the beginning, you’ve probably become tired of hearing me say “this is my new favorite figure in the line. No, really, I mean it this time!” Well, I think I really do mean it this time. For reals! Not only is Godfrey a gorgeous figure, but he touches on one of those wonderfully romantic and thrilling aspects of medieval history that I love to read about. He also tugs at my nostalgia strings by reminding me of how much fun I used to have with the vintage Marx Knights back when I was a kid. I wish I had the funds to order a second one of these at the time, but that’s OK, because T4H had me covered by offering a Templar Knight Legion Builder in the last wave, so I was sure to pre-order one of them as well. Next Wednesday, I’ll check out Prixxus!

3 comments on “Mythic Legions: Sir Godfrey by The Four Horsemen

  1. I could never justify spending that kind of money on these, but I enjoy the heck out of reading through reviews! There is only one thing about these that I do not like, and that is the logo on the packaging. It’s too spindly & frail lookin’. BUT the figures are excellent!

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