Mythic Legions: Pixxus by The Four Horsemen

OK, here’s what’s really going to be the last Mythic Legions Wednesday for a while. No, for reals. I don’t expect my Troll or any of the Wave 1.75 figures to ship until next year, so this will really be it. What’s that? Some figures I might have missed are going up for order this Friday? Well, damn… maybe I’ll get lucky. In the meantime, let’s check out Pixxus!


Obligatory packaged shot! Although, I don’t know why I bother anymore. Even though this is a Wave 1.5 figure, these are all pretty much the same package with just a different bubble insert with the character’s bio blurb on the right hand panel. These packages look good, they’re collector friendly, but I’ve broken all mine down and put them into storage. Pixxus is one of the two figures in the Wave 1.5 collection that I couldn’t live without, even though my bank account was still smarting from my Wave 1 excesses. And so for now he and the Templar, Sir Godfrey are the only representations I have from this Wave.


And hooooly crap is this a gorgeous figure. Just because you’re a skeleton warrior doesn’t mean you have to wear dreary old armor. Pixxus is living proof, er… living dead proof of that, as he’s kitted out in what is easily one of the most striking armor decos of the entire line. In case you haven’t noticed, he re-uses a majority of the parts from Vitus, with only the arms and upper legs swapped out from flesh for bones. The armor is now painted with an outrageous metallic blue and all the trim is decked out in gold. The combo is a feast for the eyes, so much so, that I choose to believe this armor is somehow meant to be enchanted, because nothing that’s not magic should ever look this good.


Just check out that detail in the gauntlets and belt. Yeah, this belt continues to be one of my favorite pieces in this collection. It’s not just that it looks so good, but it’s so versatile. T4H have made it work as a tribal looking folksy Orc belt and here it looks like a regal piece of gladiatorial garb. Here we can also see that they used a slightly darker blue, almost purple, to fill in some of the patterns. And yes, even the tiniest rivets on the gauntlets and boots are individually painted gold. There’s also a sword loop on the right hip should you want to make use of it.


The helmet also looks incredible in these colors, as does the segmented armor that’s sculpted as part of the skeleton upper arms. Again, you get more of the wonderful gold trim, including all that painted scroll work on the cheek protectors. Damn, this guy looks so good!



While I don’t recall it being advertised as coming with the figure, Pixxus includes a skull head, so you can display him with the helmet off. It’s a highly detailed piece of work with some wonderful paint to back it up. All the little crags and fissures are there in the bone to make it look aged, and the jaw is even articulated. Fabulous!



It’s time to talk weapons and Pixxus comes with some stuff we’ve seen before and one brand new piece. First off, you get the two-handed sword, which we’ve seen many times before, this time with the hilt painted copper. You get the usual brown sword belt too, and since Pixxus doesn’t come with shoulder armor pieces, it makes for a great cross strap so he can carry the sword across his back.



Next up is a new piece to me and that’s his circular bronze shield. This is a welcome alternative to seeing the same shield over and over again and I think it fits the gladiator style of this armor better than the more conventional knightly shield. The border has a notched pattern running around the edge and you get some runes sculpted just inside of that. The inside uses the same pegged clip as the other shield. I wish we got this shield with Vitus too. He may have to borrow this one from Pixxus from time to time.



And lastly, you get the spear, this time with some actual paint variation. The tip is painted silver and the shaft is painted the same coppery color as the sword hilt.





Pixxus is yet another fine example of how well T4H designed the components that make up this line. A nip here and a tuck there, a fresh coat of paint and you really do get what feels like a brand new figure. There were a bunch of great looking figures in Wave 1.5 and I wish I could have picked up all of them, but I do try to maintain a modicum of fiscal responsibility now and then and so I had to go with the two that stood out the most to me. For Pixxus here it was partly that I wanted another Skeleton, but mostly because of that heavenly paint job. In a line of fantastic looking figures, he manages to be a stunner!

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