Prometheus: Engineer (Pressure Suit and Chair Suit) by NECA

Trailers are up for Alien: Covenant and I’m mighty excited, because it’s looking very much the sequel to the grossly underappreciated, Prometheus. Yeah, Prometheus is what one would call a derisive film. It generated a lot of curiosity and excitement leading up to its release and then a lot of those feelings gave way to scorn. I imagine a lot of that comes from how problematic some people found it to place the film in the context of the Alien universe. It wasn’t a film that connected the dots for you and the marketers didn’t seem to know what to do with it. Nonetheless, I found Prometheus to be a stunningly gorgeous film and I’m a huge fan. Believe me, folks, the full extent of my unpopular film opinions would blind you all! But, hey, I’m not here to talk about movies, I’m here to talk about action figures!


NECA (who else?) produced an unfortunately short-lived series of figures based on Prometheus and I’ve had a bunch of them sitting around waiting to be opened for a few years now. Why open them now? Because NECA just announced that the other figures they designed for the film will finally be getting a release later this year and I’m pretty damn excited about that. As you can see, the figures come in the standard sealed clamshells that NECA has been using for their Alien line. Both figures are based on the imposing and god-like Engineers, one in a Pressure Suit and the other in the infamous Chair Suit that hearkens back to the original Alien. Let’s start with that one!



Hot damn, look at this guy! One of the most intriguing, compelling, and enigmatic things in Alien, the Space Jockey finally gets a proper action figure. Of course, this guy also appeared in Prometheus, mostly as a hologram and later a decapitated mess. I’ve wanted a figure of this fellow since forever and NECA really delivered on this sculpt. The armored suit is loaded with beautiful lines and that wonderful intricately detailed exo-skeletal look. I can’t help but think the feet are assembled in reverse on mine, although I’ve seen two others that are the same, so maybe it’s an optical illusion or maybe a running flub.


The “rib cage” chest piece and numerous hoses really drive home the shared heritage of this Engineer’s technology and Xenomorph anatomy. The entire figure is painted with a rich metallic wash that looks almost too good to be plastic.


I particularly love the curvature of his back and the recessed spinal channel. It looks almost as if it’s designed to mesh with the giant astrogation chair.



The portrait is spectacular. I love all the crags and pitting on the helmet, in contrast with the smooth eyes. It looks like a chitinous shell. The elephant truck protuberance from the mouth hangs down and disappears into gab behind the “rib cage.”



Despite being about five years old, the articulation here is up to par with NECA’s modern offerings. You get rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. There are swivels in the biceps, a ball joint at the waist, and a ball joint in the neck. With that all having been said, the range of motion in the hips is rather limited by the sculpt and the arms aren’t exactly super pose-able either. He isn’t going to be doing any convincing action poses, but he does lumber and look intimidating pretty damn well. Moving on to the second figure of the day…



The other Engineer dons the Pressure Suit that we saw toward the end of the film when David released the Engineer from his cryo-chamber and he went berserk. It’s a completely different sculpt from the Chair Suit figure and it is an incredible recreation of what we saw on screen. The Pressure Suit features every bit as much detail as the previous figure, cast in an ivory colored plastic and given a lovely wash to give it a wet look.



Again, there’s some great sculpting that carries on the rib cage motif in the chest and there are circular ports all over the suit that look like they are meant to hook up to support tubing. Just check out all that detail in his back. It looks less like a twenty dollar action figure and more like a piece of scrimshaw artwork. Simply gorgeous!


In contrast to the hyper detailing of the suit, the portrait is smooth and simple and quite a nice likeness for the character in the film. He has a wonderfully and deceptively serene expression, not at all like someone who’s about to tear an android in half. There’s very little paint on the pale, bald head to speak of, but I love what they did with the eyes and the red shadowing around them.




The articulation on this figure is almost identical to the Space Jockey. The only thing missing here are the swivels in the biceps. Also like the previous figure, the range of motion here is on the shallow side. I would have definitely liked to see some more movement in the hips, but what we got is still somewhat serviceable.






After having these figures sitting around for a while, it’s great to finally get them open and now I can find a place for them on my NECA Alien shelf. They’re both absolute works of art and (probably thanks to the general unpopular opinions on the film) are still widely available at decent prices. I’ve got quite a few more Prometheus figures to open and look at, but I’m going to be saving those until we get closer to NECA’s release of the so-called Lost Wave!

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