Arkham Knight: Azrael by DC Collectibles

It was a crazy, busy week for me, folks, and not a lot of time for toys. Luckily I had a few hours yesterday morning to sit down and open up a new figure for DC Friday, take some snaps and write him up. And what’s this? More figures from a game I haven’t played yet. Hooray! That’s OK, though. I’m familiar enough with Azrael, I dig his character, love his back story, but most of all, I absolutely adore what they did with his design for Arkham Knight. Even if it takes a while for me to get deep enough into my “To Play” stack of games to reach Arkham Knight, I had one look at this figure and knew that I needed it!


Azrael comes in a window box, featuring that distinctive angled side with the character name, which DCC has been using for a while now. The artwork features the game’s logo on the front and eschews the usual clean, white look of DCC’s boxes for something dark and foreboding. It’s totally collector friendly and shows off the figure beautifully. You even get a nice piece of tissue paper to protect the cape.


Oh, where do I begin? I guess with the Suit of Sorrows re-design that just looks so damn good. Medieval history is one of my passions, and I love reading about The Templars so it should come as no surprise that I love the look of this guy. Obviously The Order of St. Dumas bogarted the design from The Order of Solomon and the idea of seeing this white surcoat with the red cross in a modern urban setting just sings to me.


The detail in the outfit is exceptional. I love the dirty, ragged, and ancient look of the coat with the chainmail exposed underneath it. You also get a bevy of straps, buckles, and pouches all of which seem to be the key ingredient in making a costume look edgy and modern. I really dig the spiked armor on his forearms, complete with sculpted straps to secure them to his arms. What’s more, every little detail on this figure is painted from the tiniest buckles to the weathering on the armor pieces.



From the back, you can see Azrael’s cape, which is basically a row of strips with reinforced points at the ends. There are additional sculpted strips running across and bolted into place to hold the rather unconventional design together. The entire ensemble is cast in fairly heavy plastic, but it’s still pliable and definitely suits the figure.


The portrait is partially concealed under a sculpted hood, which floats freely so as not to inhibit the head articulation too badly. The underlying head features a sculpted mask that gives me a hockey mask vibe and adds to the delightfully anachronistic flavor of this entire costume.


On paper, the articulation here is excellent, in practice it runs up against the sculpt a bit. You get rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hips. The knees are double hinged, and the ankles feature both hinges and lateral rockers. There’s a ball joint just under the chest, and another in the neck. There’s a good range of motion in the legs, but the arms aren’t going to go much above the shoulders. Generally speaking, Azrael wants to be hunched over most of the time, so getting him to look straight ahead can be challenging. With all that having been said, his joints are all solid and he’s still plenty of fun to play with.



Azrael comes with one accessory, and as you might expect it is indeed The Sword of Sin. This is a beefy and vicious looking sword with sword-breaker notches stacked near the hilt and a chunky grip.




Even if I never get around to playing Arkham Knight, I’m still enjoying these figures a lot. I find the designs are so much better than what we’re seeing come out of the DC Cinematic Universe and I’m absolutely in love with what they did with Azrael here. Even if I didn’t follow or collect comic book figures (a scenario impossible for me to even imagine!) I’d still love to have this guy on my shelf as a stand alone piece. DC Collectibles took a fantastic design, poured on the love through some excellent sculpting and paintwork, and delivered an outstanding figure.

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