Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Power Girl by DC Collectibles

Apologies to DC fans who have missed DC Friday for the last two weeks, but truth be told, I’m almost caught up with opening my DC figures and statues, so I’ve been rotating DC Fridays out in favor of other areas. It’s going to continue to be a little hit-or-miss in the weeks ahead. But I’m bringing it back home today with a look at another DC Cover Girls statue. This time, it’s one of my all time favorites… Power Girl!


If you’re unfamiliar with this line, these are approximately 9-inch scale, cold cast porcelain statues released in numbered editions. The box she comes in is mostly white with, in this case, a blue swipe running down the the front. You get some photos of the statue and credits to the designer, Stanley Lau, and the sculptor, Jack Matthews. The box is fully enclosed and collector friendly. The collectible comes wrapped in plastic and sandwiched between two hearty styrofoam bricks. The only assembly required is to plug Kara’s feet into the base via the metal posts. It’s a comfortable fit, they go in easy and despite just balancing on one foot, she’s very sturdy.



Power Girl stands confidently with one knee bent and palming her fist as she prepares for a fight (someone’s about to get the most enjoyable beat-down they’ll ever get in their life!), while a breeze blows her half-cape and short coif of hair off to the side. This is a great pose that not only characterizes the nobility and courage of Power Girl beautifully, but also fits in right at home with her fellow Cover Girl statues. It’s cover-worthy composition with the promise of a little action to come.



The sculpt does a fantastic job of recreating Power Girl’s timeless outfit. The white one-piece features sculpted seam lines and some slight wrinkles to suggest it’s properly snug in all the right places. Of course, you also get the high collar and her iconic boob window. Hey! Her eyes are up there, mister! Her cape is perfectly sculpted to billow in the breeze and is secured by a sculpted gold painted disc and braided cord. The rest of her costume is rounded out by her blue buccaneer boots and gloves and a blue belt with gold buckle. About the only downside is that her cape obstructs the view of her caboose. Just saying.



The coloring and quality of paint on this statue are both exceptional. The white is clean with a subtle glossy sheen, the blue is deep and rich, the red is vibrant, and the gold adds that perfect little pop to the whole ensemble. What’s more the flesh tones on her legs and chest are warm, even and clean. When it comes to the figure itself, I have to say I’ve seen far more expensive statues painted with a lot less care than this one.



The portrait is spot on and absolutely lovely. The shape of her face and the contours of her perfect nose make her a sight to behold. The paint on the eyes, eyebrows, and lips is all crisp, and the sculpting on the wind blown hair is perfect. If I wasn’t already in love with Power Girl, admiring that face would surely push me over the edge.



The base is the standard oval that we’ve been seeing throughout most of this line. It’s painted white with blue edges and you get her trademark “P” at the cardinal points. The base is also the only place on this piece where the quality of paint application stumbles a bit. It’s not terrible, but the lines are certainly not as straight and even as they could have been. Nonetheless, if the paint has to take a hit somewhere, I’d much rather it be down on the base than on the figure itself. As always, the limitation is hand numbered on the bottom of the base. Mine is 2,722 of 5,200.



The suggested retail here is around $99, but a little patience and hunting netted me this one for $66 shipped and it’s hard to beat that! Most people who know me are surprised that I didn’t jump on this one the moment it was released. The truth is that most of the official photos gave me pause. Even the shots on the box don’t do the finished product justice at all. When she arrived and I opened her, I was practically bracing myself for disappointment. And in fairness, my love of Power Girl means that I often hold her merch up to especially high standards. But, as it turned out, I couldn’t possibly have been more delighted with the way this statue turned out. I have just a few more DC Cover Girls to get caught up on and then there’s three more yet to be released this year before DC Collectibles reboots this line again with a new artist. Will I still be on board after the reboot? Most likely.

6 comments on “Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Power Girl by DC Collectibles

  1. So glad you dug this, man. As a Kara fan myself, I totally get the holding statues of her to higher standards. Luckily the Artgerm CG line is going out on a high note with pieces like this, Raven and the upcoming Hawkgirl and Zatanna. I’ve been pitching for DCC to make Amanda Conner there next artist for this line, like they did with the Woman of the DCU busts, so I’m equally anticipating what lies ahead. Their Toy Fair showing put my bank account on life support XD.

      • You have any must-haves/pre-orders from Toy Fair? I’m really digging the Bruce Timm Harley’s Holiday statue, the Artgerm Harley RW&B and their Wally West figure from the CW show.

      • LOTS!!!

        I’m down for all the DCTV figures, I think they look great.

        Also going to be all-in on the Bombshell figures. I’ve been able to resist the Bombshell statues so far, but the new version of Harley looked too good, so I pre-ordered her.

        That up-scaled Adam Hughes Wonder Woman statue from the original Cover Girls line is a must-have.

        Also, I almost forgot how many DC Icons figures are coming out this summer.

        DC Collectibles is going to be getting a lot of my monies!

  2. I love that new Bombshells Harley too, although I’m wondering if it scales with the rest of the line. I cherry-pick favorites from the Bombshells, but they’re increasingly hard to resist with Karen Palinko and Jack Matthews trading sculpting duties with Tim Miller to liven the line up.

    Now I’m torn between the Designer Hughes and Frank Cho Wondies. I guess if I get both, I can put them with my Kotobukiya Jim Lee one and that’ll be my ideal DC Trinity LOL.

    I haven’t dipped into the Icons yet precisely because there’ s too much goodness available and on the way. I want to feel it out a bit more and see if my display will go the more era-specific route–like the Death of Superman or Burnside Batgirl deluxe sets–or the classic route with the standard Supes and Flash. Decisions, decisions . . .

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