Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Knubnik by The Four Horsemen

Welcome back to another Mythic Legions Wednesday! If you’re keeping track, this is the twelfth week and my twelfth figure review from Advent of Decay, which means I’m not quite a third of the way through, and that’s fine by me, because I am having an absolute blast going through this series! It’s been a while since I reviewed Snagg, so revisiting the Goblins is something that’s long overdue, so let’s check out another one of these little green meanies. This time it’s Knubnik! God, I love these names!

While Snagg was identified as a treacherous Goblin thief, Knubnik is identified as King No’Glin’s chief assassin. He’s also called one of the most vile and loathsome of all the Goblins, and I just have to wonder what kind of shit you have to get up to in order to earn that moniker! He shares some of Snagg’s parts, the torso armor and legs, but he deviates with his full armored sleeves and and heavy gauntlets, and a set of crude and jagged shoulders. Perhaps the most amazing piece of re-use on this figure is the sculpted belt piece, which was last seen here on Juno The Crusher. It’s such a distinctive design and yet it looks so different with the darker deco, I’m just amazed how well it works for two completely different figures. And speaking of the deco, the coloring on this guy is exactly what I would expect from a Goblin: Dark and grimy. The armor has a tarnished iron finish, the boots are caked with mud, but he still has some bright and shiny silver paint on select points, as well as some dirty gold for the exposed chain-mail in the joints.

The head sculpt shares all the basic Goblin features we saw with Snagg, but the face is broader and more squat. His wide and sour mouth is fixed in a disapproving glower with twin tusk-like teeth rising up from each corner. The battered and pitted helmet features holes cut out for the ears, sharp cheek guards, and a single spike rising from the back. The head is also framed by a collar studded with the long teeth of some foul beast. It would be impossible for me to choose a favorite portrait between Snagg and Knubnik, but I really dig how distinctive each one is. They’re both just packed with personality.

You also get a second head, which is sans helmet, but otherwise the same likeness. I can’t imagine displaying this figure without his helmet, but the second head would come in handy if I had picked up a couple and wanted to kit them out as two different Goblins, or even use one of these noggins on a different Goblin altogether. It’s almost a shame to keep this one in an accessory baggie.

As an assassin, Knubnik doesn’t come laden down with weapons, but he does have a decent little assortment. First off, he has this stout dagger with a gray hilt and a silver blade. It’s a repaint of the flashier one that came with Snagg, and this one looks like it’s all business. And let’s face it, every assassin has to have a favorite dagger for the quick-and-dirty work.

Next up, he has this primitive looking axe with a bone handle and unusual blade. We last saw this implement included with The Boarrior and it fits really well here too. The finish on the bone looks great, and I dig the sculpted leather straps that are intended to help hold the blade in place.

Finally, you get this deliciously low-rent mace, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’m seeing this accessory. The handle is a simple shaft sculpted to look like wood, with a cap on the end, while the head is a simple globe with studs to help it crack those particularly stubborn skulls. As always, the mace head is detachable from the shaft, so you can go wild with customizing here. While these Goblins are just little fellas, I think the mace is still sized pretty well for him.

I am absolutely smitten with the Mythic Legion Goblins, and Knubnik is yet another fine example of why. He gives me everything I’m looking for in a Goblin: Dark and dirty armor, some crude weapons, and a mug that even a mamma Goblin probably wouldn’t love. This guy is probably going to forever preside as right-hand-man to my King No’Glin when I finally get my Goblin display up and settled. And while there’s a Goblin Legion Builder for amassing an army, I think this guy would make a pretty good rank-and-file soldier too, or perhaps even a Goblin General.

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