Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Juno the Crusher by The Four Horsemen

It’s only the second Mythic Legions Wednesday of the New Year and I’ve decided opening today’s lovely lady was long overdue. It’s Juno The Crusher! A name that no doubt strikes fear (and titillation) in the hearts (and loins) of any man stalking the Outlands of the Mythic Legions Realm. I can usually take or leave the bios on these characters, but Juno’s is one of the more complex and interesting ones, and boy does she hate skeletons! A former member of Attlus The Conqueror’s Wasteland Army, Juno’s parents were killed by Skapular The Cryptbreaker. She later ran afoul of more Skeletons only to be rescued by Gorgo Aetherblade, thus gaining her allegiance! Let’s have a look!

If you’re just joining us, the Advent of Decay series introduced ladyfolk to the Mythic Legions collection and today I’m particularly thankful for it! Juno is a scantily clad, flame-haired, femme fatale barbarian who looks like she would be right at home in any one of the bazillion Death Stalker films. I was introduced to most of this female buck back when I reviewed the Demoness Xarria. Juno re-uses the torso, as well as the upper arms and upper legs. Naturally the skin tone has been recolored from Xarria’s red demonic flesh and Juno’s armored brassier has been repainted in a bright silver with a wash of rusty patina. Her arms feature the sculpted leather-like elf bracer on the right, while the left is clad in one of those crude Orc-style gauntlets. As always, the little sculpted straps on the brown wrist bracer are neatly painted black with silver buckles, and the gauntlet is given a worn iron finish.

The privacy of her nether regions are protected by a sculpted furry barbarian-style diaper that also includes a really cool black belt with an elaborate piece on the front, painted silver and with a green orb in the center. Her legs have painted brown boots with sculpted grieves and knee armor. The knee plates are painted in rusty silver to match her top, while the lower plates are finished off with a darker iron look to match her gauntlet. The straps are painted black with bronze buckles. Finally, she has two optional pauldrons that peg in behind her shoulders. These segmented pieces have shown up a few times already in Advent of Decay. They’re painted rusty silver, and I’m opting to display her with them, because the peg holes are otherwise rather obvious in her bare back.

And if Juno’s killer bod isn’t enough, T4H also kitted her out with a distinctive portrait that is absolutely brimming with personality. The right side of her face is partially covered by a cascade of her flame-red hair, while the left side is shaved clean up the side and adorned with bright blue tribal painting, part of which drops down through her left eye. The left side of her hair is sculpted into several braids and she has a gold earring fitted to her left ear. This is only the third female portrait I’ve reviewed in this line, but it’s clear that T4H have an affinity for ladies! I really dig the slightly pursed lips and the glossy paint used on the eyes looks great!

As you’ve no doubt already noticed, Juno comes with the standard brown sword belt and a single-handed cruciform sword to go in it. Surely I’m tired of seeing this weapon by now, right? Eh, not really. I’m such a big fan of this no-nonsense, trusty blade that I don’t mind seeing it again and again. As always, the blade is painted with a bright silver finish, as is the pommel and cross-guard. The ribbed grip is painted in a pale gold. Maybe it looks like too fine a sword for this Wastelander, but then again, maybe she lifted it off some privileged lark who dared to oppose her in combat.

Next up, we have a weapon that I think suits her a lot better, and that’s this one-handed axe. The handle is sculpted and painted to look like a dark wood and the blade is equally dark with some texturing on it. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen this particular axe in the line and I really like it a lot.


Of course, they don’t call Juno “The Crusher” because of her powerful thighs! Well, maybe they do, I really don’t know for sure… but I do know that she also favors this massive hammer, perfect for pounding skeleton warriors into talcum powder. I just saw this hammer a couple of weeks ago when reviewing The Boarrior and it’s still fresh enough that I’m very happy to see it again. The sculpting on the hammer’s head is very cool and it’s amazing how a simple new paint job can make it look so different. This time it’s done up with a clean, brass finish with some white paint hits and just a little bit of wash.

Hey, guess what? Juno may be one of my new favorite Mythic Legions figures! Actually, as much as I do love her, she better watch out, because I still love Skapular more. He remains my one true reigning favorite amidst a lot of really stiff competition. But that’s not to get all down on Juno, because she’s quite simply fantastic, and another one of those rather unique looking characters that isn’t easily pigeon-holed into the many groups of this series. Every fantasy line needs its’ own barbarian chick, and T4H managed to craft us one that feels fresh and new, and has an equally fresh backstory.

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