Sorry, folks. I did have more content planned for this week. I was soooo close to completing a review for yesterday but, if you follow me on Twitter than you already know that I got caught up in adopting some kitties!

I went to the shelter on Thursday to turn in an application and meet with the cats. There were so many great kitties that needed homes, and I probably spent an hour and a half going into the Cat Pods and petting and playing with them. I narrowed it down to a handful and told the people at the shelter that I would be back on Friday to choose. I was aiming for a chill cat around 4 or 5 years old. But in the end, I came away with a two-year-old bonded brother and sister. Meet Jade and Lilly!

When I met these kitties I didn’t even know they were siblings, but Lilly was rubbing on my leg and Jade was rolling over in his bed soliciting belly rubs. When I found out that they were a bonded pair, I realized that I had to adopt them. Once I got them home, I knew I made the right choice. They explored a bit, ate their dinners, and then proceeded to stretch out on the floor and go to sleep like they had lived here their whole lives. I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke up, they were both sleeping on top of me.

Yeah, they really do love each other. I can’t believe how sweet, gentle, and well-mannered they are, moreover how quickly I fell in love with them. Soooo… thank you for allowing me this indulgence. New content is coming. I have a Marvel Monday almost ready to go for next week and I’ve got another two reviews in the pipe for later in the week. Thanks for your patience!

6 comments on “Kitties!

  1. Awesome to see/hear/read about Jade and Lilly! I canNOT speak for everyone…but speaking for myself, if you just start posting kitty pics that happen to have a toy in the background…that’s A-OK with me! 🙂

    Great to hear on the start with them, and I hope all that continues!

    And as always, take what time ya need in general; I assume I’m not alone in “being around” and not just disappearing or forgetting or such just because of no new posts. Great thing about the community in that…

    Hope the rest of the weekend went well, and that your new week gets off to a positive start!

  2. Pictures of your new kitties are honestly inspiring. I don’t want to assume but they definitely feel like a new family and a new start, rather than mere replacements for your old friend. I can actually feel the excitement of starting something new!

    • Thank you! I agree, I could never replace my best friend of 11yrs. This pair will be something new, which is a bit part of why I went with the brother and sister combo. They are sweethearts and have camped out on me each night. Instant family!

  3. KITTIES! Awesome dude! We have a pair as well – one rescued by my step-mom (and now almost 15) and another by me from the side of the road (about 6 now). They usually have their own spots, but will cuddle up if it’s cold.

    • Bless your family for rescuing kitties! I wish I could have more. Well, not at 5:30 in the morning when these guys are tearing through the house, but the rest of the time I wish I could have more.

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