GI JOE Classified: Scarlett by Hasbro

Folks, I can’t tell you how great it feels to be sitting down to review a brand new GI JOE figure from Hasbro. I have been a strong proponent for Hasbro to apply this once great franchise to their now tried-and-true 6-inch scale figure formula. I’ve been hoping against hope that we’d see familiar classic Real American Hero characters mixed with the accessories and play-ability of SIGMA SIX. Finally Hasbro listened and we have the new GI JOE Classified series. The first wave consists of Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, and Snake Eyes, and I’m kicking things off with a look at Scarlett. Did this line seem like it’s going to be all that I hoped it would be? Not exactly. Is she a great figure? Well, at the risk of spoiling the review… Heck, yeah!

For starters, Hasbro gets major props for this packaging, and since this is the first time seeing it, I’ll spend a little while with it. It’s a simple window box similar to their Star Wars Black Series, only now infused with some amazing colors and artwork. We get an original character portrait on the front and the GI JOE logo and character name at the bottom. My only complaint here is that the three bars after the logo aren’t in red, white and blue.

The left side panel shows that these figures are numbered and also introduces this cool iconography for the characters, which suggest their specialties, with some being more obvious than others. The right side panel has a beautiful montage of Scarlett in action. Saving the best for last, the back panel has a gorgeous piece of art showing off characters and vehicles and giving us a glimpse at what some other characters will look like in this line. I love how iconic the vehicles look, and I can only hope that we’re going to get a Trouble Bubble or RAM Cycle down the road. But that’s me getting way ahead of myself, because here we are at the very first wave. Let’s have a look at Scarlett…

I’m not going to lie, I was hoping for a straight up RAH revival that took the basic look of the originals and just infused them with more detail and tons of accessories. That’s not what we got here. Instead Scarlett’s design takes the broad strokes of the character and than goes off in its own direction. The result is a figure that is both familiar and different. This approach is likely to vary from character to character. With Scarlett, I was only fairly satisfied with what I saw in the original solicitation pictures, but with the figure in hand, I’m absolutely in love with it. Her outfit is a mix of tactical suit and armor. I can get a whiff of her old yellow-cream-colored tactical onesie, boots, and gauntlet in the yellow armor here. Her red shoulder pad has migrated to her left and evolved into a full on armor piece, but hey, she still has her row of shuriken-like weapons on her left gauntlet. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I feel like Hasbro might have retained an element or two from their Overwatch figures. Damn, I really need to finish reviewing those some day!

I do like the body sculpt here. Hasbro uses some subtle textures on the underlying suit for some areas, while others are smooth with quilted panel lines. The armor pieces feature various panels and raised areas, and the detail on her gloves is quite nice. She has a belt that hangs on her hips with a gold buckle and a sculpted pouch on her left hip. She also has a separate shoulder strap that supports the quiver on her back and a functional knife sheath on the front. About the only thing on the uniform I don’t care for is the left shoulder piece. The star looks great, but this piece pops up too awkwardly for my taste. I wish it cupped her shoulder more closely. As for the colors… she’s certainly a flashy figure and there are a lot of colors on her, far more than I’m used to seeing on Hasbro’s other 6-inch lines. The gold and yellow are vibrant, while the red and blue add a nice kick. It’s pleasing to look at, but I’d like to see this figure repainted with a more subdued color palate. And if I know Hasbro, I’ll probably get it.

The head sculpt is a total winner. She’s cute, with a confident expression. The hair is especially nice as it partially covers her right eye and spills out the back in a ponytail. I could have stood it to be more red than orange, but I’m not going to split hairs. HA! I really dig the printed facial features and the freckles are a nice touch. She even has little earrings, which I’d like to think are tracking devices or micro-explosives or some other kind of cool spy gear.

For articulation, we do get a few new surprises. Her ball jointed hips appear to be anchored with dog-bone-style joints giving them a little extra range of movement. Otherwise the legs follow the Marvel Legends model with swivels in the thighs, double-hinges in the knees, and both hinges and lateral rockers in the ankles. Being a girl, Hasbro doesn’t believe Scarlett should have double-hinges in the elbows, so instead she gets rotating hinges in the elbows and no bicep swivels. Boo! Her wrists are on rotating hinges, and she only comes with the one set of hands. She has two ball joints in the torso, one in the waist and another under her chest. Nice! And finally her neck is ball jointed. It’s not a huge departure from what Hasbro’s been delivering, but there are some improvements.

Scarlett comes with four accessories and three of them are knives. I don’t usually associate Scarlett with packing a lot of blades, but knives are cool! Knives come in handy in a fight. I like knives! The smallest of the three fits into the sheath across her chest. It has a curved sculpted grip and something like a drop-point blade. It’s cast entirely in black plastic and she can hold it well in either hand.

The other two are a matched set and oddly enough these fit into the top of her quiver. These pieces of cutlery have similar handles and bigger, more imposing blades with saw-backs. They’re also sculpted entirely in black and I’m tempted to take a silver sharpie to their blades to give them a little more oomph. Maybe Hasbro blew the budget on the figure’s paint operations and didn’t have anything left for the knives. Or maybe they’re intentionally black so they don’t glint off the moonlight in night missions.

And finally we have Scarlett’s trusty crossbow pistol. It’s a chunky and detailed sculpt that breaks down into two pieces. And like the knives it’s also cast all in black plastic either for tactical reasons or to keep costs down… you decide!!! I like that it’s stout and not all frail and bendy. The two pieces do come apart sometimes, and I’m tempted to use a spot of glue to keep them together as I really don’t see any reason to ever separate them. There are no loose bolts to load into it, but she does have some sculpted bolts coming out the bottom of her quiver.

Scarlett’s new design is likely to make her a divisive figure, but she did manage to win me over and I’m hoping she will have the same success with other collectors. Her outfit is not what I was hoping for, but she is an absolutely fantastic figure showing off some great sculpting, quality paint applications, and fun articulation. I do wish the accessories rose to meet the days of SIGMA SIX, instead we get a decent assortment, but nothing mind-blowing. I’m still waiting on my Snake Eyes, which has been bumped back time and again by Hasbro’s own Pulse Shop. Indeed, I had all these figures pre-ordered on Pulse, but wound up cancelling them when they showed up on Amazon with that Fast & Free Prime Shipping. In the end, I wound up getting them in hand from Amazon probably a solid week before they would have ever even shipped from Hasbro. And that, Hasbro, is why when my Free Premier Membership with Pulse expires, I won’t be renewing it with a paid one. In any event, I’ll be back next week with a look at another one of these new JOES!

10 comments on “GI JOE Classified: Scarlett by Hasbro

  1. I’m so happy for this line too. GI Joe was my first love in the toy realm as a kid. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but putting this Scarlett’s head on the Jessica Jones ML body makes an almost perfect Mary Jane from the Spider-Man PlayStation game.

  2. Great figure! Very exciting to see Joe’s back on the pegs, and you’re so right – this is a perfect size. I like that shes a bit different (almost MCU tactical) AND I really like the April O’Neil face!
    That front box art, along with the montage side panel… that looks very much like Phil Noto art. He’s amazing. If it’s not, then the artist was heavily influenced by him.
    The back is a different artist but Pure Joe Gold!!!

    Thanks FFZ, cool review.

  3. I’m speechless, Im not sure in a god or bad way. G.i. Joe may be my favorite line of all time (go figure for a leftist like me). I have a hearty collection of the modern sculpts 1:18 (you can’t say Lowlight or snake eye’s are some of the best of all time) and can’t bring myself to start over in 6 inch no matter what. I remember buying the 6 inch Darth Maul and I just couldnt open it. I took it back. I love your work and agree these are works of art, but I share the worlds smallest 650 sq foot 2 bedroom, taking care of my brother with mental issues, my space is mad limited. and your’ll never have the vehicles I grew up (granted I only have two, but my grail is a USS Flagg someday). If they were 1:18 I’d buy them in a second and I enjoy your review with just pictures more than any video review I seen of them. is it possible to re-post this review? both with your permission and physically re-post it? I’m dying to see next in line. Your photography has me dying to try to remake this in 4 inch scale!!!

    • Thanks so much for reading, man. I’m fine with you reposting.

      I hear you with the space limitations. I’m constantly having to downsize parts of my collection to keep it going, but slowly I’m honing it down as much as possible.

      It’s kind of ironic, but part of the space problems is making me embrace these 6-inch lines. Limited vehicles. I would LOVE a return to 3 3/4-inch JOEs with vehicles, but I don’t know where I would put them. I hate that I had to pass on that giant Jabba Barge, but I had to be realistic. That thing was going to have to live on my coffee table if I bought it. LOL

  4. The Skiff is my truest grail really. I was $40 short, hustling to come up with the $500 and my damn timing belt broke and between it and the water pump, it was $700 to repair.killed my skiff dreams. every time I come up with some money towards its ridiculous aftermarket price, something comes up. Being single now, I got no one to tell me cant scrap the oven or couch and set it up there, lol.

    • I’m interested to see if the new line does well enough to see a GI JOE Haslab project.

      And it’s cool that they’re gauging interest in 3 3/4-inch JOE with those new products showing up in Walmart computers! Probably just 25th Anniversary re-issues, but I guess ya never know.

  5. Love the review…and you should get commission, cuz I wound up putting an order in with BBTS for this first wave, and a Cobra Commander with Hasbro Pulse!

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