Mythic Legions (Arethyr): Red Shield Soldier by The Four Horsemen

It’s a new week, and that means a new Mythoss Monday! Today I’m back to the recent Arethyr Wave, but instead of another Demon, it’s a long overdue return to the Knights… and a very classic looking Knight at that! Let’s check out The Red Shield Soldier!

As the name suggests, this fellow is an army builder, so if you want to give him a name and backstory, that’s all up to you. For brevity sake, I’ll just refer to him as The RSS! Originally formed to combat The Dark Riders, The Red Shield was an elite fighting force that was eventually absorbed into the Army of Leodysseus. But when the Demons came a knockin’ on Mythoss’ door, The Red Shield were called on again to beat back the Demon scum! These guys are some of the best of the best!

I’ve said it before, but I do love the Knights in this line. They remind me of the old Marx Knights that I had handed down to me as a kid. The RSS is a mix of new and recycled parts from previous figures. In fact, I think I’ve seen most everything before, with the exception of the torso, gorget, and helmet. The armor is painted with a deep, rich gray, which has a rich and satiny finish like well oiled iron. The only break in this color comes in the individually painted silver rivets, as well as the tiny brown straps with silver fixtures. He may not be the flashiest Knight in the realm, but I actually like that. He’s a no nonsense soldier out to do battle with evil.

And then there’s the helmet! I’m not ashamed to admit it, part of why I like reviewing these figures is I get to talk about swords and armor, which is another hobby of mine, and this new helmet is a real beauty. It’s a design that I most associate with Knights jousting in old films, and that’s appropriate since the Germans call it a Stechhelm, or Jousting Helmet. But it’s more familiarly known as the Frog Mouth Helmet, and for obvious reasons. The exaggerated front offers smooth surfaces bisected by a sharp angle, perfect for deflecting lances and other weapons. Once again, the rivets are painted silver, you also get some brown painted straps and bronze eyelets. And while this is the stand out helmet for me, you get two others to choose from!

There’s the Armet Helmet with visor that we first saw worn by Sir Owain in the initial Kickstarter Wave. Gosh, that was five years ago, already! I still love this sculpt, and it seems like TFH have used it sparingly over the years. Here it’s painted to match the armor, with silver paint for the rivets and a bright red plume, no doubt to signify The Order of the Red Shield!

The third helmet was seen on the Templar Legion Builder and it’s been kicking around a few times since. Sometimes known as a Crusader Great Helm, this is one of my favorite designs. It looks terribly intimidating and damn cool at the same time. The cruciform reinforcing strips are painted red with bright silver rivets and there’s a gold spike protruding from the top. All three of these helmets look great on the figure. You simply can’t go wrong with any one you choose!

Moving on to gear, The RSS comes packing a large two-handed sword, which is a straight repack of the one wielded by Gwendolyn Heavensbrand, but that’s cool because it hasn’t been repacked a lot. In fact, I think this might be the first time I’ve seen it since. I love the gold hilt with the red jewels, but I’d also like to see it repainted. I think a black or dark gray hilt would have looked cool for this particular Knight. It’s got a long blade, but it can still be worn decently on the waist, even if the parrying hooks keep it from sliding all the way through the loop.

Of course, there’s always the option to remove one of the shoulders and have him wear it on his back using the belt as a shoulder strap. I think this way looks better. And since he has a shield to protect that side, losing the shoulder isn’t so bad.

And speaking of the shield, we get the disk-type shield that we’ve seen a few times before. It uses the L-shaped grab bar, as opposed to the clip from the original Kickstarter Wave. I know, I say it all the time, but I still wish T4H would sell a bag of those clips. Yes, they ran the risk of stressing and snapping, but I think they worked better than these handles. I’ve yet to have one of those snap on me, but I did have one of these handles snap the peg off in one of the shields. Plus, if they sold the clips, I’d buy a couple bags so it wouldn’t be so bad if one did happen to snap. Anyway, I do like this shield, but I’m not as keen on the deco here. It’s got some black, silver, copper, and red. I gather the red is painted on as tradition, since the original Red Shield would paint their shields with the blood from the battlefield. There’s something that just feels kind of modern and out of place with the way it’s painted here. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.

And finally, The Soldier comes with a beautiful halberd, that we last saw with the aforementioned Templar Legion Builder. This time it has a beautiful silver shaft and blade, with a red and gold band near the top. I love this weapon, and I hope we’ll be seeing more of it in the future.

The Red Shield Soldier is a fantastic army builder, with great and varied display possibilities if you happen to pick up three of them. Unfortunately, I do very little army building in Mythic Legions, mainly because the figures ain’t cheap, but also because they tend to drop a bunch at at time and just buying one of each wave is enough to melt my wallet. From time to time, if the figures are offered again, I have been known to double-dip, and if this guy happens to turn up in a future All-Stars Wave, I’d be keen on picking up one more. Now, if only he had a horse to ride. Hmm…. Maybe I can find one for him by next Monday!

2 comments on “Mythic Legions (Arethyr): Red Shield Soldier by The Four Horsemen

  1. Really wonder how anyone sees out of the Crusader Great Helm helmet lol ! The sculpt looks awesome and the range of weapons are real cool…only thing missing is a mace probably..

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