Mythic Legions: Templar Legion Builder by The Four Horsemen

There’s a lot going on with Mythic Legions these days. The Advent of Decay Series looks like it’s on course for a Summer release, I just got an email to confirm my shipping address for The Colosseum figures, and T4H will be reopening pre-orders for Advent of Decay at the end of this month. For a while, I was keeping a reserve of figures to hold me over, opening and reviewing one of them every month or so. But now I’m down to my very last one and I can’t hold off any longer. Let’s check out the Templar Legion Builder!

T4H has yet to make any notable changes to the Mythic Legions packaging. Will they for the new series? I guess we’ll find out this Summer. In the meantime, I still like what we got. The figure comes on a generic card with a very large bubble that lets the figure do most of the talking. There’s a bubble insert with the Mythic Legions logo on the front and the side panel has a little bio personalized for the character. These are totally collector friendly as well. If you’re unfamiliar with the subtleties of the line, the Legion Builders are slightly cheaper figures with fewer paint apps, and intended as army fodder for collectors who take the word Legions in Mythic Legions very seriously. Also, if this guy looks familiar, that’s because he’s basically the troop-builder version of Sir Godfrey.

Since I already reviewed Sir Godfrey, I’ll focus on some comparisons here. And yes, it’s easy to see that this Templar has more in common with Godfrey than not. Below the neck, the body is identical from the armor to the tabard. The only difference in the armor sculpt is the that this Templar comes with a rather pronounced neck guard. However, he also comes with the more diminished one that Godfrey has, so you can swap it out if you want to make them look even more alike. The tabard is painted identically to Godfrey’s, with a striking red cross against an immaculate white background, but this Templar does not feature the gold accents on the armor that Godfrey’s has.

The Templar wears the same Great Helm as Godfrey with the same reinforced gold strips forming a cross on the front. However, the individual rivets on the rest of the helmet are not painted gold. And while Godfrey’s helmet features a noble plume coming off the top, this Templar has a simple spike. I dig it a lot!

As with most Mythic Legions figures, you also get a pair of shoulders, which peg into holes in the back. These are completely different from Godfrey’s, so between the reinforced neck guard and these new shoulders, the Templar does start to look a little more distinctive. I really like the combination of the two, and while it’s nice to have options, I display almost all of my Legions figures with their shoulder armor on. And I’ve got to say, even with about a dozen Mythic Legions Knights in my collection, the novelty has yet to wear off. I find myself still falling in love with these when opening another. The sculpted detail is as superb as ever, from the tiny rivets and scrollwork etched on the plates, to the exposed chain mail in the joints. And the silver armor matched with the classic white and red Templar colors makes for a fantastic looking figure. Shall we move on to accessories?

Obviously, the Templar comes with the same brown sword belt we’ve been getting with just about every figure. The sword itself is the same mold as Sir Godfrey’s, but the hilt is painted all in one color and it’s more of a pale bronze than the deeper gold used for the pommel and cross-guard on Godfrey’s. It has a nice, stout blade and looks like a serviceable weapon for a rank-and-file knight.

The shield, on the other hand, is identical to Godfrey’s in every way. It’s sort of a Kite Shield only with the sides curving inward and a crest along the top edge. The face is painted white with a red cross to match the tabard. On the inside, there’s a swiveling clip to attach it to the Templar’s wrist. I still like this system a lot as you can orientate the shield whichever way you like independent of the position of the arm. I still wish T4H would release plugs for the figures’ back with pegs so they can wear the shields on their backs when not using them.

Next up, he comes with a really cool halberd, and this is the first time I’ve seen this weapon in the line. It may have been released in one of the weapons packs, but it wasn’t bundled with any of the figures in my collection. The shaft is gold with a pointed cap at the bottom and the silver blade on the op features a rather stylish profile. I hope we get some more of these bundled with figures in the future.

And last but not least, the Templar comes with his standard set atop a pole. It’s the same idea as the one that came with Baron Volligar, only with a different crest, and obviously a different flag. T4H released a bunch of these battle standards in separate sets, but like the weapons packs, I passed on them so I could funnel more money into the actual figures. I can’t say I regret passing on them, but I am glad to finally have a couple.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Templars, and Sir Godfrey is one of my favorite figures in the entire Mythic Legion line. I KNOW I SAY THAT ABOUT ALMOST EVERY ONE! SHUT UP! THIS TIME I MEAN IT!!! So it should come as no surprise that this Templar Legion Builder is up there pretty high too. For a while I thought maybe he was too similar to Godfrey and I shouldn’t have bought him, but now I’m kind of wishing I had picked up two, so I could have them flanking Godrey on each side, one with the battle standard raised high and another with the halberd, both poised to defend their Commander. And that brings me to the end of my run on the current Mythic Legions line. I’m hoping to get word on the Coliseum figures shipping soon, but I only picked up two figures from that set, plus the Cyclops, which won’t be shipping until later. Then it’s just a short wait until Summer when Advent of Decay hits and I’ll be swimming in these awesome figures once again.

Just a quick disclaimer, there’s a very good chance I won’t be posting any content tomorrow due to real life intrusions. If I do get a chance to whip something up, it’ll probably post later in the afternoon, but no promises. Either way, I’ll be back for Anime Saturday. 

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