Mythic Legions (Arethyr): Hadriana by The Four Horsemen

There was another round of Mythic Legions pre-orders a few week ago over at Store Horsemen and an In Stock Sale a couple days ago, and they sure did take a bite out of my wallet! They also whetted my appetite to dig into another figure for Mythoss Monday. But who am I kidding? I’m always ready to spend some time with another amazing figure from this line. Today I’m checking out another release from the Arethyr Wave and it’s Hadriana!

It wasn’t too long ago that I reviewed the Red Shield Soldier, and now we’re turning our attention to the very leader of The Order of the Red Shield! Hadriana is a fierce fighter and when the scourge of Arethyr once again threatened the sanctity of Mythoss, she stepped up to beat Arethyr and his cursed army back to where they came from!

And here is Hadriana kitted out in all her glory! The body here is very nearly a straight repaint of Delphina of Eathyross, and that ain’t a bad thing, because she was one of my favorites in this line for a long time. Indeed, Hadriana here is in the running to usurp her spot, because she really is that good! The armor is painted up with metallic gray, but it doesn’t go too heavy on the shine, and features some lovely gold and brown trim. The belt here is different from Delphine’s, and is punctuated by a large disc in the center, which looks very much like a miniature round shield, and brown scaled hip armor. The shoulder armor is also different, although we’ve certainly seen these pieces before many times. The tabard is painted in a sharp black and red deco with some very fine gold lining the edges, and a black coat of arms on her chest. In addition to a crimson softgoods cape, Hadriana also comes with a fur cape, similar to the one that we last saw on Cassia from The Wasteland Wave. T4H has done a remarkable job crafting these little fur pieces, making them look both luxurious and realistic!

Hadriana comes out of the package sporting her very distinctive helmet with a gold lion faceguard. The face plate is set on hinges so it can be lifted to expose her face underneith.

And I’m not a huge fan of this portrait. The paint is a bit over simplified, making it look a little mannequin like. Also, the pout on her lips makes for a strange expression. She looks like she just witnessed her puppy getting mauled by a troll and is about to start blubbering about it.

You also get a recycled sugar loaf helmet, which we’ve seen several times before. It’s painted in a deep gray to match her armor, and has red reinforced strips with painted gold rivets. This helmet is an old favorite of mine, and it’s nice to have the option to use it with this figure. If you have deeper pockets than me, I think having a couple of these figures wearing this helmet would make excellent guards for Hadriana. Let’s check out some weapons!

Hadriana comes with a sword, which I have not seen before, and I really love it! I’m thinking it might have been inspired by Richard Lionheart’s sword, and if not it still reminds me of it a lot. The hilt is gold with red wrappings on the grip and HOLY SHIT, IT COMES WITH A SCABBARD!!! I’ve been wanting T4H to do scabbards for a while now, and this amazing effort shows that it’s certainly possible to do quite well in this scale. The plastic scabbard has a hook, which makes it ideal for hanging on her back with the belt as a cross strap, but I still prefer it on her hip, especially with the cape and cloak to contend with.

And if her righteous sword wasn’t enough, Hadriana also comes with a pretty cool flail. It has a short black handle, a real gold chain, and a silver spiked ball for smashing demon skulls.

And last, but not least, she comes with a massive hammer, and boy is it an elegant beast! It has something of an undefinable magnificence about it. Maybe it’s the gold finish, maybe it’s the pommel that doubles as a mace head, or the diamond jewels imbedded in the hammer itself. Whatever the case, it really suits Hadriana beautifully.

Wow, what a terrific figure! Hadriana is just another example of what T4H can do with a fantastic new coat of paint, a couple swapped parts, and a few square inches of fur! Hadriana is a snappy looking figure, with some wonderful accessories, and I can’t even begin to convey how smitten I am with this scabbard! I would LOVE to see T4H offer a pack of ten of these, so I can equip some of my other figures’ naked blades with a little modesty!

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