Ash Vs Evil Dead: Henrietta by NECA

And now, the end is near… and so I face the final curtain… The only thing sadder than a show you love coming to an end is when there’s an attached line of action figures that goes down with it. As all fans must know by now, Starz Network opted not to renew Ash V Evil Dead for a fourth season, and as a result will forever go down in history as a bunch of shitheads. At least in my book. Anyway, it’s safe to assume that this second wave of AvED figures from NECA will also be the last. Oh, we’ll still get some Evil Dead figures from the films, but now the chances of ever getting figures of Ruby, Kelly, and Pablo are lower than a flying Deadite eyeball not landing in someone’s mouth. I’ve already looked at Asylum Ash and the Demon Spawn from this wave, so let’s wrap it up today with a look at Henrietta.

The figure comes in the same style window box as the rest of the figures with a creepy red and black tree motif and some character art specific for the figure. AvED was pretty damn good about not constantly retracing the material from the films. Indeed, this series introduced more new elements to the Evil Dead lore than I could have imagined. But every now and then they threw the fans a bone, and thus we saw the Deadite Henrietta make her glorious return at the end of Season 2. Give me a minute to get her open and I’m going to change the backdrop to something a little creepier.

Ah, that’s better! And wow, is she disgusting! Every time I see Henrietta I think about poor Ted Raimi pouring gallons of sweat out of this massive latex suit. Talk about suffering for your art! And yes, he reprised the role in the series, which I think was awesome. This release is NECA’s second crack at a Henrietta figure with the first one being from Evil Dead II. I don’t own that figure, but from pictures it looks like there may be shared parts here, but plenty of new stuff as well. Every inch of Old Mrs. Knowby is covered in gross, from her nasty toenails all the way up to her nearly bald head. The body is bloated, the skin is mottled, and there are sores all over her. There are parts of her skin that look like it’s ready slide right off, and you can see her ribcage beginning to manifest between her saggy dead-gramma breasts. Even something as simple as her naval is a deep, dark abyss that looks like it’s about to open up and spill her entrails all over the floor. Of course, all this is just another way of me saying, I freaking love this sculpt!!!

From the back, things aren’t much better. In fact, she’s got a gaping chunk taken out of her left buttcheek, revealing the wet, red insides. As great as the sculpting is, the paint is also there to back it up. The bulk of the figure’s limbs have a matte old leathery finish that I can only assume came out of a jar labeled “necrosis brown.” Other parts of the skin are painted with a gloss to show that they’re the juicier bits. And all the open sores are finished off with more of that glossy wet red. Just beholding this figure is enough to put me off roast beef for a while. And while Henrietta doesn’t have much to cover her Deadite modesty, she does have the shredded remains of her house dress, which she wears almost like a cape, and is sculpted separate from the figure. I particularly love the detail in the broach that holds it in place around her neck. This is such beautiful work!

The head sculpt is pure magic. Dark, vile magic, but magic nonetheless. Henrietta is no doubt one of the most distinctive and familiar of the Deadites and they captured the look of the on-screen makeup brilliantly. Her black lips are parted in a jovial smile as if she can already taste your soul. I love the raw, red skin around her eyes and the eyes themselves are clouded over white as Deadite eyes are apt to be. The head features all sorts of nicks and cuts, some bloody and others that look like they’ve already bled out. She’s also missing some cheekmeat. And that’s your word for the day, kids… cheekmeat! But as good as all that is, the crowning achievement here is that NECA took the time to give her paltry gramma coif actual rooted hair. God bless you, NECA!

We’ve seen other companies do figures like this with a few swivel cuts and call it a day, but Henrietta has several useful points of articulation. Now, I’m not saying the old girl is going to be posing like a goddamn ninja, but she does feature rotating hinges in her ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. So you can say she’s pretty spry for an old undead granny. She also has a ball joint buried under all that bloated flesh, and a ball joint in her neck. Granted, some of these joints don’t have a big range of motion because of the sculpt, but I’m happy with what I can get her to do. Ah, but NECA didn’t stop there… how about a really long neck and an extra head to go with it?

Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Pop off the regular head, pop on the bendy neck and pop the new head onto the end of it, and you’re all set to elevate Henrietta to that whole new level of weird. It was a stand out scene in Evil Dead 2 and it was wonderfully recreated in AvED Season 2.

The head is that perfect marriage of terrifying and goofy. It’s got more of a glossy finish and it also has a shock of white rooted hair. Plus, they actually gave this head a hinged jaw, which is just priceless.

The neck also features a break in it so you can have Ash hack off the head about a third of the way down the neck. The inside area where the neck breaks apart is even painted bloody. It’s a play feature!!!

And finally, NECA included a stand to simulate Henrietta levitating as Deadites are want to do. It’s a simple black base with a rod that plugs into the base and into her back. It works quite well, but I wish they had cast it in clear plastic. Either way, it’s a nice bonus to throw in with a figure that already uses a heck of a lot of plastic.

If you can’t tell by now, I really dig this figure a lot. AvED’s Henrietta is a great release on her own, and all the more welcome when you consider that the original version goes for a fair bit of coin these days. The two designs aren’t 100% interchangeable, but I’d be fine having this one stand in with my Ultimate Ash and call it close enough. In fact, I may very well pick up another so I’ll have one for both the modern and more classic displays. She feels like a Deluxe figure, but at about $21, she’s at the same price point as the other two figures in this line, and that’s a pretty damn good deal!

Ash Vs Evil Dead: Asylum Ash and Demon Spawn by NECA

Did you ever get a letter from a dead person? I mean, like someone mails you a letter, then dies and it turns up after the fact? No, me neither. But that must be a similar feeling to the one I got when my last wave of NECA’s Ash Vs Evil Dead figures arrived. I pre-ordered them back when the series was going strong and they sat in my Pile of Loot at the retailer for a while. Ultimately I shipped, not remembering everything that was in there, and when I opened the box this last weekend I was like… “Oooooh!” Yeah. It was kind of depressing to see these appear after the show ended. I’ll refrain from running on about how much this series meant to me. I did that a little bit back in this review, and if I do it again now I’ll just get all weepy, so let’s move on to the figures…

This second wave of AvED figures consists of a new version of Ash from the Asylum in Season 2, a grown up Demon Spawn (remember, we got the kiddie versions in this three pack), and Henrietta who made a return appearance at the end of Season 2 (and who I’ll be reviewing separately next week). The packaging consists of standard window boxes, which share the same cool deco as the packages from the first wave. They are collector friendly and look great all lined up on the shelf, but sadly I won’t be able to keep these figures boxed because of space limitations, so I’m just going to tear right into them. Let’s start with Ashy-Slashy.

The Kenward County Asylum was the setting for Episodes 7 and 8 of the second season, where Ash woke up as a patient and was made to believe that he was really crazy and that the last thirty years of his life had been a delusion. At first, I was a little disappointed they were going this route, it is a bit of a cliche, but they really sold it to me thanks in no part to some absolutely fantastic acting on behalf of Bruce Campbell and Dana DeLorenzo, not to mention the addition of an adorable possessed Ash puppet. Anyway, this version of Ash is from Episode 8, where he’s fashioned himself a new set of battle fatigues from the remains of a straight jacket. The sleeves are nearly ripped off, it’s loaded with cuts and tears, and he’s got a series of belts around his torso holding it together. It’s a great look for him and it makes him appear as if he’s been stalking the halls of the Asylum and fighting its inhabitants for years. It really fits with the confused and dream-like flavor of the episodes.

The detail here is every bit as good as I expect from NECA, even when they’re turning out another version of Ash and in a one-off outfit to boot. Their passion for the source material comes out in all the meticulous details. Besides all the little sculpted buckles, wrinkles and stitching, the paint her is pretty phenomenal. The jacket itself is yellowed and filthy, like it’s been drenched in piss and OH MY GOD, I JUST REMINDED MYSELF OF THE SCENE WITH KELLY AND THE BEDPAN. Also sculpted into the torso is the rig of black straps that Ash uses to secure the sheath for his boomstick that’s slung diagonally across his back.

Of course, Ash’s right arm terminates in his iconic chainsaw, which obviously allowed NECA to reuse the one they used for the original Ash… and the Bloody Ash… oh, and the Ultimate Ash. OK, so it’s been recycled a few times. It’s still great. I really dig all the detail in the attachment on his stump, and the chainsaw includes the grab bar and some great looking teeth on the belt. The only thing missing is a tiny Ashy Slashy puppet to attach to his right stump. Well, at least NECA did a full-sized version.

You also get two different head sculpts, which means not counting the bloody Ash variant, I have a total of six different Ash heads just from the TV series, as two came with Hero Ash and two came with Value Stop Ash. And yes, they’re all interchangeable between the three figures, which is really damn cool. In the case of Asylum Ash, you get a really nice portrait with Ash smirking and another with a more grim, downturned mouth. They also feature his miffed crazy hair.

The articulation here is the same as we’ve seen on previous Ash figures and that means lots of rotating hinges. You get them in the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, two sets in each elbow, and the shoulders. There’s a ball joint hidden in the chest under the straight jacket and the neck is ball jointed.

In addition to the chainsaw arm and extra head, Ash comes with his trusty Boomstick, and yup, it’s the same one that came with Hero Ash. It’s still a solid sculpt and his left hand is sculpted to hold it pretty well. It can also be carried in the sheath on his back. If I was going to limit myself to just a single Ash figure from the series, I’d say Hero Ash is still my favorite, but this one comes in at a close second. But hell, they’re all good and I consider them all essential for my collection. I can never have too many Ash figures, NECA, so keep them coming. And I’m really glad they snuck this version in before the end of the series, because it represents what I consider to be two really standout episodes. Let’s move on to the Demon Spawn…

I don’t have nearly as much to say about this guy, as he is a pretty simple figure, but that’s not to say he’s not good. One of my pet peeves for lines like this is sometimes you just get a bunch of versions of the hero and no one for them to fight. But NECA’s been good about doing the creatures in this one, as this is the third version of the Demon Spawn. Unlike the kiddies, this fella has an ashen colored skin, making him look a bit like he’s made out of stone. That effect is furthered by some of the subtle sculpted cracks and fissures in his skin. The only other detail sculpted into the body is the black patch that covers his demon spawn junk. And as much as it troubles me to have to admit this, it’s a thong. Ewwww.

To make up for the simple body design, Demon Spawn comes with not one, but TWO extra heads. These are all superbly detailed and consist of creepy smile, open mouth snarl, and wide open “I’m going to swallow your soul” mouth. The vacant black voids that make up his eye sockets look great and they have cracked fissures in the skin running all around them. The mouths are also all very well done and display some truly nasty teeth.

The Demon Spawn is also a surprisingly fun figure to play around with, thanks to a few extra points of articulation. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, and double rotating hinges in the elbows. The legs have rotating hinges in the hips, double rotating hinges in the knees, and both hinges and lateral rockers in the ankles. The torso has both an ab crunch hinge and a ball joint under the chest and the neck is ball jointed at the base and where it attaches to the head. Not bad at all! I really expected this figure to just be a throwaway to pad out the wave, but I’m having a blast with him.

Once again, NECA has worked their magic and added a couple of excellent figures to this short-lived, but much appreciated, series. My only complaints are the obvious omissions of the other mainstay characters, Kelly, Pablo, and Ruby. I can’t say that I’m surprised we didn’t get them, but part of me was still holding out hope. With the series now dead and buried, I’d say it’s a safe bet that this line is done as well. But I’m thankful for what we got, and that I have one more figure to check out, so come on back next Friday and I’ll open up Henrietta the Deadite!

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Bloody Ash FacesThe Demon Spawn by NECA

I’m still in a Transformers dry spell, so no quickchangebots today. I promise, Transformers Thursday will be back soon. I’m really pushing for one next week. In the meantime, let’s turn our attention to NECA and Ash Vs. Evil Dead. I’ve already looked at the rest of the initial figures from this masterpiece of a TV series. If you need to get caught up, check out my reviews of Hero Ash and Eligos as well as the Value Stop Ash. The Hero Ash review is recommended reading, since most of it is applicable to the figure in this box and I’m not going to rehash it all here. Ready? Groovy! Let’s go…

This set is one of those “you gotta buy a variant of a figure you probably already have, so you can get something new” deals. I’m not being snotty about it. It’s just a reality that toy companies, especially smaller ones like NECA, need to get their money’s worth out of molds so they can cost out new ones. As a result, this three-pack includes a repainted bloody version of Hero Ash and two of Lucy’s hell-spawn children. The set comes in a window box, it’s collector friendly, and features a deco that matches the previous releases in this line. Let’s start with Ash…

And yes, as already mentioned, Ash is a straight up repaint of the Hero Ash figure only all bloodied up with a delicious new paint job. This was already a great sculpt and I’ve said all I have to say about it in the original review. I’ll just add that the blood is done really well and it totally sells the figure. I mean, with how much time Ash spends splattered with blood, this figure becomes less a variant and more an essential for any Evil Dead collection.

The figure only comes with the one head sculpt, but NECA tossed in the rest of the accessories included in the original release. So, you not only get his trusty Boomstick, but you also get his mechanical hand that swaps out with the chainsaw. And if you want to give either your regular Hero Ash or your Value Stop Ash a bloodied up face, the heads are interchangeable between all three of the figures. Moving on to the new stuff!

Lucy’s horrible kids! These demon spawn share the same disgusting diapered bodies, but feature individual paint washes to make them look like they’re covered in filth. Articulation includes rotating hinges in the shoulders, hips, and wrists. Double hinges in the elbows, single hinges in the knees and ankles, swivels in the waists, and ball joints in the necks. A word of warning, the paint wash on my figures meant that every joint had to be carefully worked loose and each one made a scary snap when it did. That having been said, nothing broke, but the ordeal was just a little scary.

You know what else is scary? These god damned kids. Look at the soul-less voids they have in place of eyes. One has an open mouth and the other is gritting its teeth. These demons creeped me the hell out in the show, and NECA has succeeded in translating that same sensation into the figures quite splendidly. Thanks for the goddamn nightmares, NECA! I’m not sure I can sleep in the same house with these two. I may have to bury these two in the back yard.

NECA put this set out there for just under forty bucks, but it’s been kicking around Amazon for considerably less. It’s a really nice deal for three figures, but it’s an even better deal if you missed out on the first Hero Ash release, which is now selling for double the original MSRP. Either way, I’m on board and All-In on anything and everything that NECA puts out for this series. And yes, that even includes the Ashey-Slashey puppet! Hey, it’s the least I can do to make sure this line succeeds and keeps on producing figures. And just to spread the love around, NECA also has a Ash and Deadite Ed two-pack coming from Evil Dead II. Ah, it’s a great time to be an action figure collector!

Ash Vs Evil Dead: Ash Williams (Value Stop) by NECA

Starz delivered on another superb season of Ash Vs Evil Dead this year and I continue to be amazed at not only how great the concept works as a series, but how far the creative team is willing to push it. Not to mention how attached I’ve become to Ash’s sidekicks. Of course, NECA is on the scene and delivering some figures from the series. I’ve already looked at Hero Ash and the Eligos Demon and today I’m wrapping up the initial wave with a look at Value Stop Ash!


The package is identical to what we saw with the previous figures in Wave 1. You get an attractive, collector friendly window box that shows off the goods and has some photos of the figure and accessories on the back. I’ve been hanging on to these boxes, at least for the time being, but chances are they will eventually have to go bye-bye to make room for more figures.


While Hero Ash was the iconic, chainsaw wielding, Deadite hunter, this version is the lowly retail stockboy. Here, Ash dons his company-approved red Value Mart button-down shirt, complete with pocket protector full of pens and his employee name badge. The detail on the name badge is particularly well done and you get all the meticulously sculpted wrinkles and stitching that we’re used to seeing on NECA’s plastic wardrobes. The articulation is identical to what we got with the Hero Ash figure, including those double rotating hinged elbows, which is a huge improvement over the single rotating hinges we usually get. Beyond that, Ash features rotating hinges in the shoulders, swivels in the wrists, rotating hinges in the knees, and ball joints in the hips. The ankles feel like ball joints, there’s a ball joint in the waist, and another in the neck.


So, let’s deal with the elephant in the room. Somewhere along the way S-Mart got replaced by Value Stop. It’s a minor point, but I still would have loved to hear Ash spout out the motto, “Shop smart, Shop S-Mart” one more time. There’s no in-universe explanation for this, but apparently there were trademark issues, which probably involved not having the rights to the third Evil Dead film. I’d just like to think he got fired from S-Mart for lighting the place up with his boomstick and Value Stop was the next employer on his way down the ladder of retailers. Anyway, let’s get back to the figure.


Value Stop Ash includes two portraits and as you might expect from NECA, both are excellent. The first is a pretty neutral expression, or possibly one of slight befuddlement, which is appropriate most of the time for Ash. The heads included with Hero Ash were both on point, but I think this one tops them all in terms of overall quality of likeness. It really is superb.


The other head really works for me as either a screaming Ash or a laughing-his-ass off Ash, although as we’ll see in a minute the intent here was the former. Once again, this is a great likeness and the detail in the mouth, in particular, is fantastic right down to his tongue and upper dentures. And just to sweeten the pot, both of these heads are interchangeable with the heads that came with Hero Ash, and vice-versa, so while the overall appeal of this figure will likely not be as high as Hero Ash, you really are enhancing that figure by picking up this one. I particularly like the screaming head on Hero Ash.




While not really an accessory, Ash also features his wooden right hand and it is removable. As long as we’re talking hands, it’s worth noting that Ash’s left hand is the same one used on Hero Ash, so it is capable of holding the Boomstick that came with that figure, or any other weapons you may want to rob from NECA’s expansive arsenal of guns included with figures in this scale. It also works pretty well as a pointing hand.


“Looking for Tampons? They’re over in Aisle 4. Shop Smart, Value Stop!” Nope, just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


And yes, in case you were wondering, the chainsaw from Hero Ash can be used on Value Stop Ash. It’s just an easy pop-and-swap.



Ash comes with one accessory and that’s the possessed doll from the pilot episode. It’s crazy tiny, but nonetheless still remarkably well detailed and painted. It’s also designed to attack Ash’s face.



Getting this to work can be difficult. I think the doll’s hand are actually intended to grip him by the nostrils, but I couldn’t get her to stick. I was able to get her to grab his nose between her tiny arms. All it takes is a little patience. It’s a surprisingly fun accessory for such a tiny piece of plastic.




Value Stop Ash is another fantastic figure in NECA’s ever growing and always impressive stable of licensed action figures, but let’s lay cards on the table and concede that this one is for the die hard collectors out there. Most of the casual toy collectors (is there really such a thing?) are going to be happy with Hero Ash and leave it at that. In fact, I’m surprised that NECA didn’t make this one a two-pack just to make sure they could move an adequate number of Value Stop Ashes. Me? Oh, there was never any question that I needed both and if you’re on the fence, the extra heads really are worth having to get the most out of Hero Ash.

Ash Vs Evil Dead: Hero Ash and Eligos by NECA

OK, now where did I leave off from last Tuesday? Oh yeah. It’s a great time to be an Evil Dead fan. After waiting decades for the fourth movie in the franchise, we wind up with a whole TV series. When it was revealed, I was the first to roll my eyes. “Oh no. Don’t do this. There’s no way you can make Evil Dead work as a series. It’s going to be terrible. You’re going to kill any chances of a quality sequel.” Since then, I’ve swallowed my words like a hick chick swallows a Deadite’s flying eyeball. Ash Vs Evil Dead is a triumph. It’s craft. It’s high art. It’s horror taken to new levels. You may think I’m joking, but I’m not. It respects the source material, but also elevates it. It is so much better than it has any right to be, and I thank the great High Priests of Kandar that it’s been so successful. And hey, it also means… MORE ACTION FIGURES!!!


Who loves you, baby? NECA does. And they love Evil Dead too, which is why they’re delivering the goods. The first assortment of figures includes two versions of Ash (don’t you worry, I’ll get to the other eventually) and the demon, Eligos. These releases come in snazzy window boxes with decos branded to match the show and character art on the bottom left corner. Let’s look at Ash first!


As you can probably tell, this is definitely not the gritty Evil Dead 2‘s younger, dirtier version of Ash. Sure, he still dons his blue button down shirt and brown pants, but his duds are brighter and cleaner. The entire look of this figure embraces the crystal clear HD look of the new Starz series, as opposed to the older films. He’s a little chunkier too, and I can’t help but wonder if NECA sculpted a girdle under that shirt. Yeah, probably not.


The outfit features all the great attention to detail that we usually get from NECA, including rumples, wrinkles, and stitching. Ash’s DIY harness is sculpted as part of the shirt, and he has a functional sheath for his boomstick on his back



This may not be an “Ultimate” release, but you still get plenty of stuff in the box, including two portraits. The standard head features a fairly neutral expression, whereas the other has Ash gritting his teeth in battle and shows a little more dirt. Both heads are excellent sculpts and reflect the likeness of older Bruce Campbell quite well. I’m normally one to go for the neutral expression for everyday display, but in this case, I like the second offering just a little bit more.


Ash comes with his chansaw attached to his stump and it is a beautiful piece of work. The red paint on the body features a paint wash and the attention to detail is fantastic. The side grip bar is pegged in, so not only is it articulated, but it will pull out rather than break, if you stress it too far.



And speaking of articulation, what you get here is mostly what I’ve come to expect from NECA’s “Ultimate” figures, and even features a couple of notable enhancements in the way of double rotating hinges in the elbows. These allow for a much better elbow bend than previous releases. Beyond that you get rotating hinges in the shoulders, swivels in the wrists, rotating hinges in the knees, and ball joints in the hips. The ankles feel like ball joints, there’s a ball joint in the waist, and another in the neck.



Moving on to accessories. Ash comes with his double-barrel boomstick, which fits into the sheath on his back. His left hand is sculpted to hold it and includes a trigger finger. The painted wood finish on the stock looks great, as does the blued finish to the steel.




He also comes with a second forearm with his “power glove.” The sculpted detail on this thing is probably even more impressive than the chainsaw. It looks simply amazing. You can also pop the glove off and put on an included stump piece that makes the chainsaw look like it’s compatible with the power glove. Moving on to Eligos…


This is the fellow that they summoned at the bookshop to tell them how to undo what Ash did with the Necronomicon. That didn’t go so well. Eligos happens to be one of my favorite effects in the first season. Not only is he a great design, but the distortion they did to him looked so cool, as if he didn’t belong in this dimension. NECA did a nice job recreating his creepy gray skin and the exposed bloody parts. I didn’t realize until seeing this figure that Eligos had those weird animal-like lower legs and basically hands for feet.


Demon butt!!! The paint on this guy is perfectly disgusting. They used high gloss red for the hands and feet and there are trails of blood oozing out of his numerous open sores. Gah! The articulation on the body features rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and midway down his feet. My one complaint here is that there are no peg holes in his feet. I was actually surprised how easy I could get him to stand, but this is one figure that I would have liked to plug into one of NECA’s stands for long term display. I see him taking a lot of shelf dives.



The head is just as disgusting as the rest of the body. They packed a lot of detail into the teeth and exposed mouth.



Ash and Eligos are hitting stores now and run about $20 each. The third figure in the wave is Ash in his Value Mart uniform and I’ll probably be circling back to that release in a couple of weeks. As expected, NECA knocked these figures out of the park, and I hope these do well and this line continues to grow. NECA already has another three-pack planned to hit stores later this month and I’m hoping against hope that we get a Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby as well as maybe some more conventional Deadites. In the meantime, I can continue to live out my Ash Vs Freddy Vs Jason Vs Leatherface fantasies.


   “Alright, Krueger. This is it! It’s just you and me now. Glove versus Saw.”


“I’m not one of your Deadite pussies, Ash-ley. I’m the f’cking Prince of Nightmares.”


“Krueger. In about two minutes the only thing you’ll be prince of is having my boot up your ass!”


“And don’t think I forgot about you two knuckleheads. You’re next!” … “Nice saw, by the way.”