Ash Vs Evil Dead: Hero Ash and Eligos by NECA

OK, now where did I leave off from last Tuesday? Oh yeah. It’s a great time to be an Evil Dead fan. After waiting decades for the fourth movie in the franchise, we wind up with a whole TV series. When it was revealed, I was the first to roll my eyes. “Oh no. Don’t do this. There’s no way you can make Evil Dead work as a series. It’s going to be terrible. You’re going to kill any chances of a quality sequel.” Since then, I’ve swallowed my words like a hick chick swallows a Deadite’s flying eyeball. Ash Vs Evil Dead is a triumph. It’s craft. It’s high art. It’s horror taken to new levels. You may think I’m joking, but I’m not. It respects the source material, but also elevates it. It is so much better than it has any right to be, and I thank the great High Priests of Kandar that it’s been so successful. And hey, it also means… MORE ACTION FIGURES!!!


Who loves you, baby? NECA does. And they love Evil Dead too, which is why they’re delivering the goods. The first assortment of figures includes two versions of Ash (don’t you worry, I’ll get to the other eventually) and the demon, Eligos. These releases come in snazzy window boxes with decos branded to match the show and character art on the bottom left corner. Let’s look at Ash first!


As you can probably tell, this is definitely not the gritty Evil Dead 2‘s younger, dirtier version of Ash. Sure, he still dons his blue button down shirt and brown pants, but his duds are brighter and cleaner. The entire look of this figure embraces the crystal clear HD look of the new Starz series, as opposed to the older films. He’s a little chunkier too, and I can’t help but wonder if NECA sculpted a girdle under that shirt. Yeah, probably not.


The outfit features all the great attention to detail that we usually get from NECA, including rumples, wrinkles, and stitching. Ash’s DIY harness is sculpted as part of the shirt, and he has a functional sheath for his boomstick on his back



This may not be an “Ultimate” release, but you still get plenty of stuff in the box, including two portraits. The standard head features a fairly neutral expression, whereas the other has Ash gritting his teeth in battle and shows a little more dirt. Both heads are excellent sculpts and reflect the likeness of older Bruce Campbell quite well. I’m normally one to go for the neutral expression for everyday display, but in this case, I like the second offering just a little bit more.


Ash comes with his chansaw attached to his stump and it is a beautiful piece of work. The red paint on the body features a paint wash and the attention to detail is fantastic. The side grip bar is pegged in, so not only is it articulated, but it will pull out rather than break, if you stress it too far.



And speaking of articulation, what you get here is mostly what I’ve come to expect from NECA’s “Ultimate” figures, and even features a couple of notable enhancements in the way of double rotating hinges in the elbows. These allow for a much better elbow bend than previous releases. Beyond that you get rotating hinges in the shoulders, swivels in the wrists, rotating hinges in the knees, and ball joints in the hips. The ankles feel like ball joints, there’s a ball joint in the waist, and another in the neck.



Moving on to accessories. Ash comes with his double-barrel boomstick, which fits into the sheath on his back. His left hand is sculpted to hold it and includes a trigger finger. The painted wood finish on the stock looks great, as does the blued finish to the steel.




He also comes with a second forearm with his “power glove.” The sculpted detail on this thing is probably even more impressive than the chainsaw. It looks simply amazing. You can also pop the glove off and put on an included stump piece that makes the chainsaw look like it’s compatible with the power glove. Moving on to Eligos…


This is the fellow that they summoned at the bookshop to tell them how to undo what Ash did with the Necronomicon. That didn’t go so well. Eligos happens to be one of my favorite effects in the first season. Not only is he a great design, but the distortion they did to him looked so cool, as if he didn’t belong in this dimension. NECA did a nice job recreating his creepy gray skin and the exposed bloody parts. I didn’t realize until seeing this figure that Eligos had those weird animal-like lower legs and basically hands for feet.


Demon butt!!! The paint on this guy is perfectly disgusting. They used high gloss red for the hands and feet and there are trails of blood oozing out of his numerous open sores. Gah! The articulation on the body features rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and midway down his feet. My one complaint here is that there are no peg holes in his feet. I was actually surprised how easy I could get him to stand, but this is one figure that I would have liked to plug into one of NECA’s stands for long term display. I see him taking a lot of shelf dives.



The head is just as disgusting as the rest of the body. They packed a lot of detail into the teeth and exposed mouth.



Ash and Eligos are hitting stores now and run about $20 each. The third figure in the wave is Ash in his Value Mart uniform and I’ll probably be circling back to that release in a couple of weeks. As expected, NECA knocked these figures out of the park, and I hope these do well and this line continues to grow. NECA already has another three-pack planned to hit stores later this month and I’m hoping against hope that we get a Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby as well as maybe some more conventional Deadites. In the meantime, I can continue to live out my Ash Vs Freddy Vs Jason Vs Leatherface fantasies.


   “Alright, Krueger. This is it! It’s just you and me now. Glove versus Saw.”


“I’m not one of your Deadite pussies, Ash-ley. I’m the f’cking Prince of Nightmares.”


“Krueger. In about two minutes the only thing you’ll be prince of is having my boot up your ass!”


“And don’t think I forgot about you two knuckleheads. You’re next!” … “Nice saw, by the way.”

Evil Dead 2: Ultimate Ash by NECA

It’s a truly great time to be an Evil Dead fan, but for reasons that I’m going to save for next Tuesday’s Feature. Today, I’ll just say it’s a great time to be a NECA fan, because they give us figures based off of cult classic movies, which most toy companies wouldn’t touch. I could say it’s because they’re too niche, but over the decades, Evil Dead has obviously fought its way into the pop culture hall of fame. The moment I saw Ash here show up on NECA’s Ebay Store, I started chanting, “I’m gonna get you… I’m gonna get you…”


As always, NECA’s Ultimate figures come in beefy boxes illustrated with original movie poster or concept art. In this case, it’s that delightful skull with eyeballs that I associate with the original VHS tape that I had. I’m sure I’ve recounted my lifelong battle with insomnia here before. It started when I was a teenager and movies like this one often helped me get through those long and weary nights. It may sound odd, but it was like I could relate to the heroes in these horror flicks, as I too was trying to survive another night for the relief of dawn! Anyway, the box features an opening front flap and everything is collector friendly. There’s a ton of display options with this figure, so I’m just going to try to look at the accessories and extra parts by following Ashley throughout the course of the first half of the film or so.


Ash comes straight out of the box already messed up, and I mean that in a good way. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take long for the Deadite shit to hit the fan in Evil Dead 2, and Ash here already has plenty of it all over him. He comes donning his familiar blue button down shirt, now smeared with white demon goo and given a very nice sheen of paint to make it look drenched.



His pants and Timberlands are caked with mud and the stitching and texturing on the plastic fabric are amazingly realistic. They also did some particularly nice detail on the shredded left leg of his pants. No matter how many times I hold one of NECA’s figures, I’m always in awe of the love they put into every little detail. Just look at his boots. The laces and the treads are just fantastic. The body features what has become pretty standard articulation for this line, with rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. The wrists are ball jointed, and you get ball joints in the waist and neck.


The portrait features Ash with the bewildered and horrified expression that he has for a good deal of the movie. At least before he decides he isn’t going to take it anymore and starts kicking some ass. He has the bloody forehead from the wound that I believe was sustained when he went through the windshield of his car and hit a tree. Then again, he has so much blood on him at any given time, it could be from anything. It’s a great likeness to young Bruce Campbell, and while it is a very specific expression, I’d say it works for a good deal of poses and display options.



Naturally, two of the most iconic props in the movie are included as accessories. Call it the Naturom Demonto, the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, or just the plain old Book of the Dead, it’s the book that started it all. While this little version is not bound in flesh and inked in blood, it comes straight from the Castle of Kandar and it’s a nice little reproduction for this scale. The other accessory here is Professor Knowby’s Panasonic tape recorder with the recording of the incantations. Recordings that you should never play, because then stuff like this happens…




“Hello, Lover!” Yes, you get poor Linda’s head. She didn’t stand a chance in this film, as Ash was forced to decapitate her with a shovel a little more than five minutes in! How many movies can top that? On the other hand, Linda had more screen time after she was dead, and became a whole lot more interesting. The… um, head sculpt here is really well done, with some especially fine detail work and paint evident in the teeth. The neck stump is also fully detailed.


Linda’s head is also present in the scene with one of the best/worst examples of ADR ever… “WORK SHED!” And yes, the work shed is the scene that introduces us to the iconic chainsaw, an accessory that is sadly absent from this box. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if something shows up next Tuesday to remedy that. Of course, at this point, Ash gives up the chainsaw anyway in favor of…


The shotgun! “Old double-barrel, huh? Blow your butts to kingdom come! See if we don’t!” Only to drop it rather quickly, because he has more pressing matters at hand. HA! 




Yes, next up, we have the possessed hand. Apparently all those bites from Linda didn’t do him any favors. The regular hand pops out at the wrist and you can pop in this one. “It went bad, so I had to lop it off at the wrist.” 


The severed hand arm is replaced at the elbow, similar to NECA’s T-800’s damaged arm and features Ash’s stump wrapped in a dish rag and duct tape. This is a great looking piece, and it’ll likely be the way I display the figure most of the time.



You also get a second possessed hand. Overturned bucket and copy of A Farewell to Arms, not included!



Now, if I were to axe you what other accessories you want, what would you say? You in the back who said chainsaw… get the f’ck out. We already addressed that issue. No, it’s the hatchet and it’s covered in green Deadite goo.



And last, but certainly not least, the set includes a second portrait for possessed Deadite Ash, and holy hell is it a great piece of work. In terms of overall detail and paintwork, I think it beats the regular portrait. Damn, I’m really tempted to pick up a second one of these figures now so that I can display both heads.




Wow, this is a fun figure and certainly worthy of the “Ultimate” moniker. I know that quite a few people were pissed off that the chainsaw wasn’t included and I seem to recall Randy took a bit of heat about it on Twitter. In a perfect world, I would have loved to see it in there, but let’s face it, this isn’t the only Ash we’re going to be getting so there’s plenty of opportunities to get that particular accessory into the collection. One thing I’ve learned is that NECA is really good about planning these things out, and if one accessory had to be jettisoned to include some others, it meant that there was a plan for it later down the road. I’m fine with that, because I love everything we got in this box, and there’s nothing I would want to give up. And as I’ve hinted a couple of times, next Tuesday, I’m coming back with a look at my first pair of figures from the Ash Vs. Evil Dead series.

Pop! Vinyls (Army of Darkness): Ash by Funko

Damn these ridiculous things! I bought a few Doctor Who and Fallout Pop!s last year and swore it wasn’t going to be a gateway into anything, and now I’ve got more of these things then I’d care to admit. I’ve decided that the weekend would be the best time for me to start looking at these things, as well as some Disney Infinity figures and other items in my collection not worthy of occupying a regular weekday slot, so here we go…


Here is the insidious little box that called to me from the shelf. Ash is #53 of what I’m assuming is their movie series. But Funko is so prolific with these things that any time I see a number less than 10,000 on these things I call foul. I’ve been keeping the boxes for now, but I can foresee a day when I will have Totes with hundreds of loose Pop!s just spilled into them. Someone, please stop me before that plays out.


The back panel is odd, because instead of showing you what other POP!s are out there to buy it just has a poster from the film. Man, that was a great poster! Now, I realize that this particular Pop! is from Army of Darkness, but the real reason I wanted to look at Ash today was to give me a platform to talk about the TV Series, Ash Vs Evil Dead, which just wrapped up it’s first season and… HOLY SHIT, RIGHT??? This was a series that they could have totally phoned in and fans would have still eaten it up with a Candarian spoon. But the creators didn’t do that. No, instead they delivered what has got to be some of the most unique TV ever produced. This show is beyond a love letter to the fans. It’s a full on blow job letter to the fans. It’s just absolutely incredible and impossible and I can’t believe something like this was actually made and put on television. Needless to say, I loved it and can’t wait for more. OK, back to the damn Pop!


One of the thing that impresses me is the way Funko is able to take just one aspect of a character’s appearance and work it into the generic giant Pop! head and make the character recognizable. Here it’s Ash’s cowlick. The scar is neat too, as is the one raised eyebrow. I almost wish they had glued a chin on the bottom of the face, but that would have been going beyond the Pop! aesthetic so I can understand why they didn’t.


Now, I’m not saying I would recognize this head as Bruce Campbell by itself, but that’s where the body comes in and Funko did a nice job here. You get the torn blue shirt, the chest straps, the boomstick, and the chainsaw hand and all are produced quite well for this scale and scope. There’s just something about a figure this cute holding murder implements that makes me happy. The paint here is not bad at all. There’s a stray fleck of black here and there, but otherwise it’s pretty neat and the brushed steel look of the chainsaw blade is actually quite good.


So, I originally told myself just Fallout and Doctor Who (and yes, I have more of those to look at), but the problem here is that after you buy your first Pop! you start to notice them a lot more. Beforehand, they were just noise on an endcap at Target and now they sing to me as I make my sweep through the action figure aisle. Because lord knows, I really need more useless pieces of plastic to collect!